Guardians, Distortion, and Panic : o my

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  1. I fianly got aroung to righting a reviw so here we go


    What can I say they are amazing the back design is awsome but the ace is kind of plain and the reds are deeper. What looks very cool are the face cards were most of the color is drained.

    I have only had these for 2 days but I can tell you there is no warp and the card are so smooth that they are kind of slipperybut I am sure that will go away over time.


    The method
    This is definatly one trick that you can just sit in your room for hours and watch because it is so cool the idea is not original to theory 11 but the transpo effect and to use the for of dimons are.

    The gimmick
    Dont worry about inviting laymen over because the gimmick if seen fairly quick will go unoticed. It is fragile and is hand made so take care of it.

    The dvd
    I love waynes teaching and he is a funny man the dvd is very indepth about taking care of the gimmick and the moves are run trough very quickly because there are none.

    rating in all seriusness an 11/10


    again a great trick with an ingenius work that requires little practice and like in the video you dont need to cover the cards so long I cover them for a split second and the dvd is also great and teaches several different handaling.

    if you are on the edge about buying any of these I am pushing you over it because these tricks are probably the greatest I own (I own alot of tricks)

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