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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by canadamagic, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. not difficult, just needs a different kind of performing (technique & presentation ).

    While difficulty is subjective, I totally agree with the Guy Hollingworth trick mentioned above.
  2. Under Berglas conditions the Berglas effects is one of the hardest to do and the trick that cannot be explained I have never really tried to either do it or come up with something a little more concrete. However the real question is WHY?
  3. Some of Derek Dingle's stuff is hard...and stuff from Ernest Earick's book, by Forces Unseen.

    Just to name a few...however, it can all be hard if you don't practice.

    Also, I am not sure why you asked this question, but I want to say - who cares how hard it is.

    You shouldn't do magic, just because it is hard - hard doesn't mean good, just like you shouldn't do easy magic, because it is easy. You want to do the most disceptive magic, regardless of difficulty level.
  4. The two places where i found myself saying "WTF is this SERIOUS?" were when I watched Ray Kosby's Impossible Card Magic and some of the effects in BFU. The thing that really got me were the various palm to palm card transfers in BFU. Ive seen them done perfectly, otherwise I wouldnt believe that it would work like the book says it does.
  5. I don't judge the quality of an effect based on the difficulty, I know very well not to do that, I was just interested in the responses. Seems as though people are taking this thread in some form of selfishness on my part, which was not my intentons at all. Just curious.
  6. That is fine - you never know in this forum, but in my defense - I gave legit answers, but stated the rest just to be sure.

    Josh Jay actually wrote about "what is the hardest trick" and how that bothered him in Magic magazine...he said it has become a common question, so you can understand my answer a bit better.


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