Have I created a good plot?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by malik usman, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. suppose a person goes to a spectator hand them a card say him/her not to look at it and keep in it in his/ her pocket.Then say to them to touch the top of any card from the deck.He/She touches it,then the performer squares up everything and show them their card,they look at it remember it, the performer puts it in the middle of deck and says to spectator to look at the card which they had kept in their pocket earlier when they look at it.It matches the card that he/she had chosen

    if this is a great effect then reply me i have already created it?
  2. Malik,

    While I've a few variations of what you have described before, the effect seems like it could be accomplished by a simple force, and I'd imagine has been done many times before. Keep on creating!

  3. my friend do the same to girl but ask them tu put the card in there bra.
  4. shoot ogawa just puts 3 cards on a table then shows the cards face up and the person takes a card, then when they take the card he flips over the 3 cards on the table and they are the other value cards. so like all the 3s
  5. Dude, I do the exact effect you just described all the time. It's awesome you should try it sometime if you haven't yet it gets some good reactions. Sometimes it's even fun to like combine it with a "you do as I do" type of effect.
  6. Aaron Fisher has an effect in the Paper Engine similar to the Shoot Effect but it is much much better routined.

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