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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DavidN11404, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. Hello everybody!! I signed up to this site before but don't believe I ever posted here before. If so, I plan on being active now. My computer was down for awhile and now I'll be posting from my iPhone. It feels good to be back and part of an online community lol.

    Just so I can quick get to know everybody here introduce yourselves to me and I'll do the same back. I just don't want to be interpreted as spam and this way I'll also know what type of online community this is. Most are either the type where everyone knows everyone and it has that sort of "I know you" type vibe and others are just "post questions/answers" and that's the end of it.

    I'm hoping its it's the former of the 2 along with good discussion along with the question/answer thing lol.

    I'm done talking now
  2. Hello there! Welcome to Theory 11 and I hope you have a great time here (like a hotel greeter haha)
    This place is a pretty friendly community, and the people who post frequently are pretty well known among everyone. There are lots of good discussions that happen, and if you have any questions there will be plenty of people willing to help you out, we are pretty supportive here.

    Thanks for joining!

  3. What's up David how's it going. This is a really great community and between all of the members there is a lot of knowledge to be shared. If it doesn't come from me it will definitely be from someone else so you might as well just check out the rules of the forum just to see what's expected. (Everybody gets told to check out the rules) don't be afraid to ask any questions, I'm always happy to help whenever I can. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  4. Hi David, you've come to the right place. This is a very friendly community that has a lot of beginners all the way up to seasoned veterans. Everyone can learn something here. Be sure to check out the forum rules, learn to use our search function, check out The Wire where you too could possibly publish an effect, and there are always some fun videos in the Media section. We have a lot of great effects here and awesome decks of cards.

    Don't ever be afraid to ask for advice or constructive criticism here. Glad you joined us. You'll have fun. Some guys are on here every single day multiple times and others may only pop in every couple days. It's what you make out of it.
  5. Beautiful.

    I've been doing this for almost 8 years now. I started out in cards, levitation, some gimmicked things like Scotch & Soda (my own handling though) Color Monte ect when I was 16. Then I started getting into Mentalism and Hypnotism and read a ton of material on Psychology once I hit about 19 or 20. I realize that may make me sound like a Derren Brown clone but I promise I'm not. I do however use a ton psychological techniques and present it as psychological rather than psychic. I'm very much a fan of "pure" Mentism (without gimmicks) and that's the approach I take.

    Are there many other Mentalists here or is it mostly Magicians? Nothing against either I'm just curious if it's balanced here or if one category dominates.
  6. Also, please don't take the last post wrong. I meant no disrespect towards Derren Brown and fans as I am a huge fan of Derren Brown myself. I just meant I'm not a clone.
  7. David, we have a little bit of every thing in our community....even balloon sculpting. We have a few guys who are into mentalism. I would seek out Craig Browning on here, Dee Christopher, and a few more that their names escape me right now.
  8. DICE R is a big mentalism guy on here, and I think Draven does some as well, right? I could be wrong though.
    But seriously, we have something here for everyone, it's great haha
  9. Hey David, welcome to the theory11 circle
    if you stay on the forums and go on frequently you'll find good tips and advice for any type of magic and the like
    hope to see you around
  10. Welcome! This community has taught me loads and I hope it helps you too!
  11. thanks for the welcome everyone! appreciate it.

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