Hello everyone! and a trick question..

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  1. Good day,
    Hope everyone is well. It is exciting to find this community, I am new to the forum and hope to contribute!

    To the point, ive been working on a few different methods of pinky or thumb counting from the bottom of the deck that seem much easier and more reliable than I have seen before..

    Is this a issue in the community?

    What are your guys preferred method?

    Curious if the typical has happened where you invent something that has clearly been around forever lol

  2. Welcome! :)

    Good day to you too, I'm glad we'll be able to join each other to our journey to Warlock Level 60.

    As for sending a card at a specific location, I always control to the bottom and then riffle shuffle to the desired location.

    There is the pinky pull down to well, pull down specific numbers of cards from the bottom, but since I haven't needed it that much yet, I haven't got around to learning it.

    There's the buckle of course, for all other pulling-down-needs of us higher beings.

    If you are asking whether I prefer a pinky count or a thumb count though, I'd answer pinky count.

    The first thing I do is to assume what I have created already exists.

    The second thing I do is to check the Conjuring Archive. It's online, for free. Research there gets a bit tricky simply because the vastness of the resource, but that's a good thing and also helpful if you really want to find out the origin of an effect or if it simply existed.

    What's more important than originality though, in my opinion, is ease and simplicity. So even if your move isn't a 100% original, but easier and simpler, I'm down for it! :D

    (My friends call me The Shirker.)
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  3. Wise.
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  4. I have been called wise by @WitchDocIsIn . Ma, I've made it.
  5. /
    Epic.. Thank you.

    Agreed, Conjuring Archive is the go to! Usually forget what I was looking for and just get sucked into other topics.

    Looks for Pinky count. "Ouuu fuzzy handcuffs that color change!" Never learns pinky count..

    The trick is a basic pull down count in mechanics but with the other hand covering as if to cut the deck, normal hand position. Do the pinky pull down and let the cards glide down the front of your thumb tip. This gives immediate feedback of number and helps keep them from packing. Can also thumb count the opposing corner and let it glide down the palm, same concept. Use the stock at will.. Feedback count? hah

    More of a tip if anything :p
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  6. Welcome to the forums. I hope you enjoy your magic journey and get the most out of these forums.

    Well, the more known techniques for getting a break above a certain number of cards on the bottom are:
    -the pinky pulldown( as mentioned above)
    -the buckle
    -the 2 handed dribble/riffle

    I’ve never searched conjuringarchive for other methods, and I don’t like any of these methods which I mentioned above. As someone who’s in love with bottom dealing, whenever I need to get a break above a certain number of cards (usually for a bottom palm), I just do a bottom deal-style buckle from whichever grip I’m in at that point, and with my pinky, I count and secure a break above the buckled cards. In other words, I do something of a combination between the pinky count, buckle, and pinky pulldown.
    I’ve not seen this specific technique anywhere, so I assume I came up with it( independently at least), but I’m sure there’s some book hidden somewhere (which I proably even own but haven’t bothered with) that has a description of this exact technique or even a better and more improved one somewhere and I’ve just not found it yet.

    And btw, a one handed pinky count or thumb count for the bottom cards seems like a really interesting technique. Care to elaborate more on it?
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  7. No, ive not seen that specific technique. I could picture that being pretty damn smooth, cool.
    Im just no good at a buckle when under pressure haha

    This is still two handed as you do it in a "deck split" position. As if to riffle, cut, pull top card ect. The cards give feedback to the opposing thumb while being pulled down. Its very quick with practice. Also is good training for a one handed pull down.

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