Help finding a Tamariz effect?

Mar 29, 2008
I was at a Canadian convention a couples years back (CAM) and Juan Tamariz was one of the main guests. I saw some DISGUSTING magic by him...I have never been fooled so badly...and that is a rare thing!! I loved it...but saw one thing that really stood out. I have been DYING to "learn" it, and have NEVER seen it again...sadly, I never saw it from the start.

The effect was a mixture of CARD-TOON and UNSHUFFLED and he presented it as a "film" and when he spread the cards it said with big letters written on the spread "THE END".

Has anyone seen this effect? I walked in after the selection process, and would love to see it done. It was AMAZING! Anyone know if the creation of the deck is in print - or knows where I can find it online? Any info would be awesome!
Sep 1, 2007
Like you said yourself, it's probably a mixture of different tricks with some genious Tamariz thinking. We can only hope that gems like that end up in the "Magic Rainbow".

As for the finale "The End" thing, it can be found from Paul Harris's Art Of Astonishment book 2, under the title "Fluffer Deck".
Jun 1, 2008
hello!!! Tamariz is spanish . I'm also spanish and he appeared on a TV program called NADA X AQUI performing that routine. you can easyly find videos of that program on the internet.
Mar 29, 2008
I know where everything can be found...all the pieces, but I would like to see it performed again.

I will look on this spanish show - but what do I search? Can you give me any more detail, or send me a link?
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