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  1. Hello guys i have been doing cards for sometime and i am wondering to try different things. I am going to pick a dvd collection which contains visual magic. Stuff like daniel Gracie collection,m5,gorillas guide to loops etc i don't have to much time to surf the web. so can you me pick i was think maybe you could tell me the effects, the props and you PERSONAL review thank you for your time,:)
  2. If you don't already own it, get Royal Road. And Card College.

    Dvds aren't as good for card stuff imo. Too much for just one or two tricks.

  3. I said no cards only dvd or books and it has to be a collection
  4. I'd get Five and/or The Rice Papers.
    Love TRP myself, use the non-card-effects a lot.
    After that, I'd buy Pressure.
    I do it all the time.
    The effects on TRP also work great along/in between cardmagic:)
  5. Ohhh sorry misunderstood.

    Try 45 by Jay Sankey

    Not really a collection but it has a bunch of sleights and stuff. You could also go with his Revolutionary Coin Magic dvds.
  6. Tall order... cause magic is a very personal thing and yet you haven't told us what interests you. I can recommend some great PK effects, rubber bands, coin stuff... I don't think you're going to get much of a response here.

    TAKE the time and find stuff that looks cool to you. It's always best to get tricks and effects that YOU'd enjoy performing.

    Without more info, all we can do is recommend what you already probably know:

    Tarbell's Course in Magic
    Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
    Daniel Garcia Project v 1 to 3
    True Astonishments Boxed Set by Paul Harris

    ...all great stuff, but this won't necessarily lead you anywhere. These resources are so multifaceted and broad, I'm sure you'll find something in these to suit your fancy.

    Here's my best shot... in the above list, you'll learn how to magic with:
    Matches, coins, rubber bands, rings, hankys, cups, popsicle sticks, pens, sponge balls, invisible thread, sugar packets, fingers and other various body parts, fresh fruit, silverware, magnets, pencils, buttons, lotion, watches, paper money, fire effects and ropes to name a few apart from cards and mental effects.

    I give all the above resources a 10/10!

    I've told you a lot, but feel like I really didn't tell you much at all...

    Give the forums more info on what kind of magic effects you'd like to get into, and we can lead you more effectively to resources...

    One comment on DVD's vs books... you learn effects on DVD's... you'll learn Magic and more Magic theory from books...

    DGP v1-3: Coins, cards, cigarettes, xerox copies, rubber bands, rings, sugar packets. 10/10
    True Astonishments: Great Collection! Best effect is Water Trap! totally worth the $300 price tag.
    Mind Bender: Spoon Magic, and rubber band effects!
    Ellusionists' Street Magic
    Noblezadda's Coin, Spongeball, or Money DVD's
    DG's Symphony and 5ive. Do a search on reveiw's here.
    Check out alvo stockman's coffee shop magic if that's a performance venue for you.
    If you're going with Loops Effects, get Danny Garcia's Loops from E... it's the only volume I'd recommend of the series.

    ...then there's clown magic, geek magic, science magic, and children's magic if you're interested... and in that, close up effects, parlor effects, or stage effects. If any of those types of magic is you're thing, I can recommend more stuff for you... but give me more to go on... you inquiry is much TOO GENERAL!
  7. I've got to commend you for wanting to expand on your show. Adding additional material gives you a wonderful diversity and more flexibility as a performer. Props to you!

    However, I'm sorry but this post of yours screams lazy to me. You just throw out a bunch of magic effects then instead of ...maybe googeling or youtubbing them you ask us to tell you what they are, the props involved and our personal review of them? It just looks like you want someone else to do all the research work for you, That's probably not how you meant it, it's just how it looks to me.

    Here's my advice. Wait until things in your life aren't so chaotic, and then spend a little of time researching things. Go to a magic shop, and evaluate what you want to branch into, what would be good for your show, what you'd be interested in learning and go from there.

    Do a little research, and then lets pick this subject back up.
  8. trust me its not like i'm being lazy, on school days i literally only have 1 hour of free time. Its mainly because of my new school they get an average off As on gcse and now i know why, plus i got accepted three months late so i have no time anymore to have a life. on weekends i have only 3 hours which i try to use for my social live and perform magic. so i am really am tied down
  9. I agree with Draven. Any suggestion we make will be completely hit or miss for you. We are not you, we do not perform like you, etc.

    For instance, I would say get some books. For a fraction of the cost you'll get an order of magnitude more material.
  10. That's exactly what Draven is saying...if you don't even have the time to research the effects, then really, it's doubtful you'd have the time to properly practice the effects.

    Hence, wait until you're at a point in your life when you can actually put the time into researching, deciding, and then practicing the effects.
  11. thanks you everyone for you contribution and i think i dont have the time in my life to practise and perfect magic so i think i...i...i have to take time of magic :(

    i really dont have time for it bye

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