Help with one handed revolution cut!

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by b-llusion, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have any advise to get this move down? For some reason my fingers wont reach the top packet to spin it.
  2. it's REVOLUTION cut not revolutionary...
    you can learn it from Revolution Evolution Ebook that Mr JDEN create... that is the place from witch I learn it:D
    Thanks Jden
  3. sorry for typing the wrong name of it....
  4. Also, if you being gamatical, it's WHICH not witch.

  5. tsk tsk, lrn ur propper englesh skillz!

    You forget- He also needs a hyphen in "E-book" and "create" should be "created".

    On a side note, "you" should be "you're" and "gamatical" is actually "grammatical".

  6. look out for your index finger keep it on the long edge of the pack when you are about to swing the pack...and try also with your ring finger to go ''under''the pack like a charlier but then go in to the standard revolution(1) cut...ahh it's hard to explain!but try the first tip and you will get it soon...
  7. Thanks man.

  8. focus on the top packet forgetting the bottom
  9. Who cares Mr "gamatical"
    if you can understand then dot post useless Posts

    Since he is asking for help he probably knows how to do it.
    if not
    Learn it from Brian Tudor instead
  10. Just for future reference- never try to correct someone on their grammar when your spelling and grammar are just as bad. :rolleyes:
  11. I tried learning it from the trilogy dvd, but found it to be a little different from the one taught in show-off by brian tudor. I like the original tudor's version better and easier. the one taught in trilogy... my hand isn't big enough.

    Anyway, a good tip from tudor was to keep the deck above the second joint of your index finger, otherwise, you won't be able to finish the cut.

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