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  1. Great fooling good stuff slight flash at certain point but dam good thats a hard book man i want to buy it now
  2. thanx where would you say i flashed?
  3. Very smoothly done, 0:48 to around 0:51 there was a huge break in the deck though, try to reduce that!!! :D It takes a while, but you're looking like you've practiced it a lot and worked hard, KEEP THAT UP :D

    All in all, it would fool spectators/laymen, and that's what's important.

    5/5 from me still,

  4. Not the technical broadside steal, but still very smooth and fooling. You flashed on the SAC move (i know thats not the real, i just cant think of it ATM), as you were laying down the ribbon spread. Also work on the pick up, you kinda stumbled along there.
  5. its the longitudinal swivel steal that is used for the trick not the broadside steal, check the book :D

    thanx for all the feedback guys i appreciate it. As for the flash of the sidejogged card right before the ribbon spread, i will work on it, but also i think having the camera that low makes it hard to hide the card with the right hand. Getting the deck to spread evenly is kinda hit or miss but i will keep working, and i thought that the pickup and steal looked pretty good and natural but i'll work on not pausing at all.

  6. MY bad man i havent been able to look at that book in forever, my friend eric has my copy. I do practice the broadside though, cause its amazing like that.
  7. Well I think you did it brilliantly. The Broadside Centre Steal is very hard, the raplacement, however, is even more challenging.

    I'm glad to say you did it justice. Would like to see more stuff from you from BFU :)
  8. actually my bad!! i checked the book and it is the broadside swivel steal that i used. you confused me i guess since there are two versions of the swivel steal. that being said, this is the technical broadside steal.... not sure what you mean by technically not the steal. You were thinking of the swivel steal done in dealers grip? thats the longitudinal steal.
  9. Thanks! i will post more vids as I go, but i kinda jump around from book to book, looking for ideas and tricks to play with. I got maybe half way through BFU before i started looking thru the andrus books.
  10. the steal is correct, the tenkai is the same, but my timing is different.




    i liked the look of turning the deck vertical then doing the steal as you bring it down to horizontal, plus i think that this idea works better with the move after spreading the cards on the table, almost like you are displaying the deck as being messy and therefore justifying the squaring action.

    im not sure why you think that i'm not doing the move. I have the book in front of me right now.....
  11. im sorry, yeah i know your doing the move, its just a few minor details that are different. Sorry bout that man.

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