How active is the market currently?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by Luis Vega, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Hello!! I am thinking on releasing some tricks of my own and I wonder how active is the marketplace now?

    also if somebody that has tricks on it could PM, it would be great!!

  2. Like with anything it depends how much you promote it and how appealing the trick is. Something one person posts may do better or worse than something someone else posts. It just depends. If you are hoping to post something and sit back and rack in a ton of cash you may be disappointed lol.
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  3. thanks for your reply!! I wanted to ask if you have tricks on the market? I totally agree with you, but I wanted to know personal experience!
  4. I currently have 34 Active Videos in the marketplace ranging from $3 to $35 depending on the video. As for personal experience, again, it is really hard to tell you how your videos will do. My videos do quite well, however I have grown a following and branded myself. If you already have a large following then your videos will prolly do very well assuming people like them. If not, you will be relying on first time viewers to be interested in your thumbnail and want to check it out. I would suggest the above advice in order to draw more views. As for how I personally do and how many sales/money I make in the Marketplace; that info is confidential ;) sorry! Hope this helps!
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  5. Marketplace is active. Also depends on what you want to do. Sounds like you want to do Magic. Not too sure about that arena as I've only have two cardistry tutorials.

    A lot depends on the time at which they are released. Around the December Holiday Wheel is god, but a lot of people have the same idea, so your tutorial mught get quickly shunted off the first page within a couple weeks as opposed to the othert 11 months of the year where your turoail could be near the top for a while.

    Also depends on price, how much you promote it, where, quality of tutorial, testimonials from others.

    As said earlier, do not expect to rake in a ton of cash. It's best if you put what you do out there and not think about it unless you're trying to build a sizable reputation and need to promote your material a bit more aggressively and more frequently.

    But do try to promote your stuff around the Holiday Wheel, I will say that will help.
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