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    I was just wondering, after the coins change places, how clean are you? Can you instantly hand the coins out for examination? Also do I need a un-gaffed half dollar and english penny (Cant remember what coins they are), because I live in New Zealand.

    Cheers, Tom
  2. I believe the coins you need are a Silver Half dollar and an english penny and according to the description you can give the coisn out for examination right after they transpos.

    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that is what it says.
  3. this is what is says

    A half dollar is placed into a spectator's closed hand. You rest a copper English penny on the back of that same hand, and the copper coin visually changes into the half dollar. The coin is immediately shown on both sides. The spectator opens their hand to find the English penny. Both coins can be fully examined, immediately.

    so yeh i sounds like you are completely clean
  4. So do you know if I will need normal half dollar and English Penny (Might have one of these, I used to live in England)?

    Cheers for the fast response, Tom
  5. hmm sicne there is a gimmick I am guessing you might need another coin that sin't gimmick but I don't own it I am just making an educated guesse.
  6. sorry it uses a gimmicked coin. I believe I know the method(Buying it anyways), and that both coins I dont think can be handed out but I think shown both sides.
  7. this is nearly a old steve desuek trick your not completely clean, but the misdirection is there....that should be saying enough
  8. You can show both sides of the coin. Answering questions like, "how clean is this effect?" gets tricky because without just blatantly exposing the method, it's really impossible to give someone a concrete answer. How clean a given effect looks is a subjective judgment.

    I will however, offer my opinion. Since you can show both sides of both coins immediately, from a spectator's point of view, the trick is over. You were fair, your hands were wide open and clearly not hiding or palming anything. The moment is beautiful. B. J. Bueno has done an incredible job with this effect and I would be surprised if you were disappointed.

    Now, I know that I'm part of the team on this site, so it's difficult for me to give positive feedback without having it sound something like, "I think this is a great effect because if I say that, you will buy it and I will make money which is all I care about because I am an evil capitalist who hates it when your checking account has a positive balance."

    And if you're not convinced by my opinion (which I can completely understand), wait a few days until people receive their orders and begin reviewing the product. Then decide for yourself. Or just take a leap of faith and if you end up hating the trick, return it.

    I don't know if we mentioned that yet. We do have a return policy on this site. Usually, the logic goes that if someone's opened a magic effect, they know the secret and therefore, shouldn't be able to return it. We, however, really do believe in and stand by our products. If you are genuinely unhappy with your purchase, we'll give you your money back (click the "guarantee" link at the bottom of the page for details if you would like them).

    Hope this helps.

  9. wow a returns policy
    is it no questions asked or do you have to fill out a form or sumthing???
  10. Cool, Thanks for that, very helpful, although one of my questions still needs a clear answer will i need Non-gaffed Half Dollar and English Penny?

    Cheers. Tom
  11. Nope. Everything you need comes with your order. That applies to absolutely everything we sell (unless otherwise stated).

  12. That return policy blows my mind! I mean, I am sure i will not be disappointed by the purchases I make here (its lived up to the hype so far), but the fact that there is a return policy, should i not like the product, is incredible in my opinion. For single trick sales - sweet!
  13. drorange: We're not going to give you a headache if you want to return something you're genuinely dissatisfied with. If you want complete details, I'd recommend checking out the "guarantee" link at the bottom of the page. Not only is not hassling customers the decent thing to, but we all feel that it's a more intelligent business practice. If you have a poor experience trying to return something that you really didn't like, you're probably not going to attempt a purchase again. On the other hand, if you are treated well and not hassled, you might check something else out on the site knowing that if you really don't like it, you can get your money back without too much of a problem on your end.

    EDIT: Also, we obviously check for fraud and people who consistently buy stuff and then return it. So, to that one jackass on this site that got the bright idea to learn a bunch of new magic and then return the products, the rest of the decent people on here will eat you. I'm pretty sure of it.


  14. Ah men to that, with slow little nibbles so you can feel it :D

  15. Excellent service then.

    It's nice to know we have that possibility as we all know not every effect is for everyone, but I don't see myself wanting to take advantage of it though it's good to know for those rare instances.
  16. Hopefully, this return policy sets the precedent for every store in every nation in the world. I have bought many trick DVDs, some of which have not left my shelves. As a result, I am very hesistant towards buying trick DVDs because some of them are tricks that can only be performed for the camera, or cannot be performed to a crowd, others are just cheap parlor tricks that are enhanced by the camera. This policy allows consumers to have freedom to buy what they wants and protects them from any misleading trailers and advertisements that are omnipresent. Just my thoughts, but hopefully this policy will be rewarding not just for the consumer, but also for Theory11 and its business.

  17. The only problem I see with this return policy is, like you stated before. What if a customer learns the secret to an item, and returns it, just out of spite to learn the secret, for free? How would you know the customer is disappointed with the item, or if he just wants a refund to not waste any money. Am I to also understand that if a person wishes to purchase one effect, return it, buy another one, return it, and so forth, he is eligible to do so?

  18. its awsoem that you guys put 100% effort behind your products and sevaces evcen when i had to call customer suppoprt they were extreamly helpfull and even thought the first guy i talked to couldent solve the problem i was having they called me back within 10 minutes with an answer
  19. To answer your question, no. You can't just buy an effect, return it, buy another, return it, and so on. We're not nearly the first company to have to deal with an issue like this and we have some very effective fraud prevention methods in place.

    Will some jackass get away with returning one product? Yes. Will we lose money on that order? Yes, but we are still willing to do that for a few reasons.

    First, it is worth it to us to give the rest of our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if they're honestly dissatisfied with their purchase, they're not just stuck with it. Secondly, I personally think that it makes a strong statement about how much we as a team believe in and stand by our products. And we do believe in and stand by our products. And finally, aside from it being a nice thing to do, I really do believe that it is a more intelligent business decision. If you were unhappy with a product and you couldn't return it, you'd probably be reluctant to purchase something from that particular company again (I know I would). But, on the other hand, if you returned the product without any hassle, you might give that company another shot, knowing that you're not just screwed if you don't like the next thing you buy.

  20. Thats great that Theory11 stands behind there products that much.

    It really shows that they care more about the customers and the art of magic than the money.

    Thank you.

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