How did you get started in magic?

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  1. one day i didnt know what to get for X-Mas and thought "oh well ill try magic"
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    I've loved magic as long as I can remember and loved watching it. As far as how I actually got started in doing it myself....Tommy Wonder put it well. "Y'know, I became a magician to find out how I do this." hehe
  3. Wow. I've answered this so many times, but the story always seems to be farther away every time I approach it.

    Basically, I got started after seeing one of those cheesy 'Greatest magic trick countdown, ever!' type of shows (I had always had an interest in magic, and can still remember being about 7 years old, creating my first effect- it was essentially a flippe card, without the dental dam!).

    So I watched this show and through it I got to see the likes of Guy Hollingworth, Lance Burton, Steve Forte, Meir Yedid, Chan Canasta, and a massive host of others. I was very impressed, and went to the library the following day. I picked up Tommy Downs 'The art of conjuring' and Harry Lorayne's 'The magic book'. From the Downs book, I learned about the style and elegance in classical close up performance. I learned one of my all time favourite coin techniques (the downs palm!). From the Lorayne book, I learned the foundations for almost EVERYTING I do now. To this day, that book is one of my favourite pieces of magic literature.

    So I studied these books intensely, then I saw Blaine on TV. Awakening, much! He was so cool, contemporary, and did things his own way, Thats what I wanted out of magic. I truly fell in love with magic then.

    I carried on my studies and never looked back. It's been around about 8-9 years.

  4. Hey guys,

    This is actually a quite simple question for me. I saw this character, which I will never know, at Universal Studios about 14 years ago. He was doing a floating-card effect. I stood there in awe for almost 3 hours until my parents dragged me out. It took me another 13 years and Ellusionist to bring me back to that memory. It then triggered a phenomenon.

    I know create, publicise, and teach others magic. It's honestl a great feeling. Wish I just knew that first magician. Many of you have that same power when you perform! So please, get out there and amaze!

    Remember... Beware the chickens for in their silence, they plot.
  5. My dad performed a coin vanish routine to me roughly 5-6 months ago. I realized I wanted to try it and picked up cards instead. Here I am today haha
  6. I got started at the age of 7, when my parents got me this huge magic set for christmas. I was performing for about 2 years, and then lost interest. then at about 2 years later I saw the Criss Angel Mindfreak Special (not the t.v. show), and saw him levitating a dollar bill. So I watched the rest of the special, and after that I was hooked.
  7. After I was totally baffled and blown away by the key card trick.
  8. It's so funny how most of you state you started magic when you we really young cos you saw a magician, but didn't start doing anything until a year ago when you found ellusionist. Technically you didn't really start until a year ago then! Pretending you started really young doesn't make you any more credible. Remember Derren Brown didn't start until at university...

    I started when i was eight. I was ill off school and found an old magic book i had got when i was about 6 but hadn't really thought much of. I've pretty much been obsessed since. I probably learnt differently from all of you. Mostly through books and watching other magicians. I never bought a magic DVD until about a year and a half ago (in fairness, it's a great way to learn) and i have never bought anything from E or penguin. When i was younger (I know i now sound really old, but i'm only 22) i used to get my mum to phone up companies and order me all sorts of junk.

    It's a shame because I know a lot of you will lose interest in a few years without ever really performing properly or learning anything other than what you buy on DVD, because magic has been a lifelong friend to me, and recently I have started performing a lot more and the feeling just keeps getting better


  9. How did I get started in Magic? Hmmmmm... Well there were 2 people that got me started. One of my teachers Mr. Paul is a great magician. He was also a good friend of Criss Angel and David Blaine. And another person was a family friend. He was doing magic for a year by then and he did Stigmata to me and it all snowballed after that.
  10. I got started in magic twelve years ago at a party shop when I was ten with some joke like trinket things, svengalli deck, invisible deck, stripper deck, etc. I stopped really quickly after that.

    Later on When I was 21 I saw a live demo on at the toys'r'us in times square new york which was used to try and sell a marvins magic set which I bought and then wanted to learn more and more.

    I went On a hunt for a local magic shop and found tannens in New York and saw a guardian deck and then from the ad card inside I found and then just kept going from there.
  11. lol i was in the waiting room for my orthodontist and there was a book there a bout magic and optical illusions...

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