How do I get started performing for random people?

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  1. I'm actually quite an introvert and I have a hard time approaching people. I can perform pretty decently(I would say) for people that I know.
    Like my coworkers for example, I got really good reactions today with an invisible deck, a 2 card monte, and a simple ARC. Of course, I want those reactions to happen to other people.
    I'm really shy and I guess, I'm afraid of failure. Or maybe other reasons like how they don't get the trick.
    Being with friends is pretty hard for me as well. I feel like I'm doubling the consequences. This weekend, I might try to go to the mall and downtown with my camera and a friend. That may make it a bit easier.

    Anyway, how do I conquer this shyness?
    How many people should I approach?
    How do I approach?

    And is there some sort of essay on this I can find anywhere?
  2. This happened with me before too
    go to the theory11 beginneres section to just take a look at the great advice that j.b, lee asher, aaron, chris kenner, w.h, and so on give you.
    Chris Kenner is really funny in that video!
    -Good Luck:D
  3. You Just Have To Go Out There and Do It. (That's What I Did)
  4. Go to a very crowed place and start flourishing. Some one is bound to stare and ask them if they want to see something cool.
  5. Learn a few self working tricks, then before you perform them. Simply go up to the people you wish to perform for, and introduce yourself and ask them if they'd either like to see magic or Ask them if it would be OK if you can show them something.
  6. Yep, that's what I did. Now I can't stop.
  7. once u get over the fear at first and jus go do it, it gets easyer
  8. and... just to give you a little after taste.......
    It feels great when you perform the trick right.
    There like "how did you DOOOO THHHATTT"
    It's exactly like what you see on great trick advertisements.
    One time I did tagged by rich ferguson (hoped I spelled that right) (It's on ellusionist) (I don't go to ellusionist that often though anymore)
    Anyway... the reactions were priceless...
    There was a large crowd at the cafeteria seeing what I was doing and a teacher had to get everybody who was standing up to sit down. After the words that he picked out of the dictionary was on his arm. Everybody was like
    "how did you DO THAT"
    "Do it again"
  9. like said before you just have to do it and force yourself to not be nervous. The more you perform the more confidence your going to gain and then your going to be a performing machine. Start our by just doin maybe 1 or 2 tricks for a person then when you gain confidence you can start doing routines for more people. Hope this helped, GOOD LUCK

  10. What i did

    Well im the same way. See what i did was i performed for some friends at a random location (mall) and i did something amazing (flow) and they freaked. When they freaked alot of people looked at them and when i seen some guy looking i asked him if he could come help me with something and since he seen that we werent up to no good he was like ok and when he came i performed some card stuff then i did thread and he was just amazed. By that time more people joined the crowd and i just got a boost of confidence (hope i spelled that right). So jsut try to do it for someone you know and see if you can work in random people. And dont be nervous around friends if anything its good if you mess up with them. That way you know what "move" you need to improve on when you do it for random people. Well i hope that helped...
  11. Thanks a lot guys, I appreciate the replies.

    Any recommendations on which tricks I should do for street magic?
    Probably mostly with cards, but I have Pressure so I might do that as well.

    Most card tricks that I perform are usually table magic or more appropriate indoors.
  12. Do stuff from the Triology such as visual tricks like Tivo 2.0
  13. There's a great post by Canadasphere on how he started that is really good on forums. Here's the link (I hope that's not against the forum rules.)
  14. Listen, just put your balls in your mouth and do it to one random person. If you don't make a mistake, you'll be able to do it constantly their after. You just have to take that first step. I mean that in the best possible way :)
  15. I'm sorry but Tivo 2.0 is probably the worst trick to do on the streets. While it may be visual, it just doesn't appeal to laymen. When i did that trick to a couple of friends they simply went "So what?"

    I rarely ever do any of the tricks from the bucks. The only thing i do from them is hoffzy osbourne and subway. Nothing else. Now i'm not trying to bash the bucks here. I'm simply saying their kind of magic just doesn't seem to appeal to laymen that much.

    However, i am grateful for all the sleights and color changes they've come up with. I use those a lot, but within my own routines.

    If you want great reactions from people on the street, you're gonna have to do something great. Something impossible. Something people care about. Some examples are:

    2 Card Monte
    Extreme Burn/Prophet

    There are a lot more but you get the idea. You don't want them to think "So what?" after your tricks.
  16. Yeah, that can be true sometimes. Although, I've done their tricks for my classmates and they still give pricless reations. I guess it depends on the person.

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