How do I go about insuring my hands?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by StevenLevitt, Dec 12, 2007.

  1. Who do I go to, to insure my hands?
  2. Ask Keith Richards. He has his hands insured.

    You might want to start with life insurance and a comprehensive health plan for coverage.

    Sounds a bit pompous to get your hands insured but hey spend it however you want.

  3. Well my hands are very important to me, for the work I do.

    I am from the UK, is Keith Richards? He may still be able to help.
  4. LOL. Good luck talking to him, he's the lead guitarist for The Rolling Stones. If you get into touch let me know :p
  5. Keith Richards is the lead guitarist for The Rolling Stones, oddly enough he is from the UK as well.

  6. Oh right, I thought he was mentioning someone on these forums lol...

    I have some chance of getting contact with him :)
  7. That's kind of like a pornstar insuring his penis, extremely expensive and rather stupid. I think if you lose your hands then you'll claim enough on disability benefits anyway, insuring them and paying a whopping great big premium is probably not the best bet.

    And seriously, asking that on a magic forum? Just ask your insurance company :confused:
  8. DnD MUST have their hands insured ;)
  9. Haha, this is pretty sick but Keith Richards lives in the same small little town that I live in. I happen to see him a lot running around in his car and at the local supermarket, if you want me to ask him ill let you know lol.
  10. I sell insurance and as far as i know the only place to insure body parts is Loyds of London. It's almost like a stock market of insurance. Many football players have they're knee's and shoulder's insured there. They'll insure almost anything but you won't be able to afford it probably. They also insure all of NASA's Space Shuttles
  11. yeah things like this are usually more of a publicity stunt than anything else.

    my girlfriend's stepdad plays guitar for david lee roth (when eddie van halen is too $#@'d up to tour, which is almost always)

    and dave just tells him not to do ANYTHING risky to his hands, one time he broke a pinky doing something dumb like skateboarding or something. nobody "insures" his hands

    basically insurance starts with YOURSELF> don't do stupid stuff, don't offer to carry anything for anyone , or try to start a recalcitrant pull-start engine, or get drunk and punch a wall, etc etc etc

    failing that, you can buy some orthosis (rehabilitative braces for your hand) and wear them around all day, but you'd look stupid
  12. If J-Lo can get her butt insured, why can't this guy get his hands insured?
  13. If is the key word;)

    Edit: I have no idea what this post means.
  14. Yes you CAN insure hands. Disability Insurance!

    There is an insurance policy that includes insuring your hands, your back, your legs or anything that can hurt and impaire you from doing a job. If you lose your income due to an injury or illness, the disability insurance policy will pay a monthly income for as long as you can't work.

    Get a free quote at or you can call 877-LIFE-GUY.
    No obligation, free quotes and consultation.
  15. Buy Boxing Gloves, take them off when you gig. A lot cheaper than insurance, and very comfy so I've heard. Even getting them modified so you could do everyday things whilst wearing them would be cheaper than getting insurance. I do think that you are asking the wrong people. I doubt any of us have our hands insured, you are better off asking an insurance company. Although unless you are seriously making a living from using your hands, I doubt even then they'd insure you. No harm in asking though I suppose!

  16. Go to specialty insurance company. You can probably google Specialty Insurance. They provide personal liability insurance for variety performers. I don't know if they do specific body parts, like hands, but they do an excellent job of giving you liability coverage in case something goes wrong.
  17. Wow... that didn't take long for the spam bots to hit this thread did it? For once their spam is actually relivant.

  18. For starters you're not yet rich & famous e.g. your hands are only valuable to you. Until you build a base the course you are talking about is bloody expensive and a general headache for what it really is -- a Publicity Stunt.

    Loyd's or Lord's of London (forget their proper name) is the company that has insured numerous artists and even surgeons hands as well as legs (for dancers) over the years. But it still goes back to perceived value; until you have won numerous top level awards and accolades by credible sources this is really a waste of time & cash. . . and quite honestly, I do not know of any expert in slight-of-hand that has ever gone through this process. . . which by the way, will require research into your family health history regarding arthritis and other joint/bone health issues. You will be restricted from various activities that could put your hands at risk such as Martial Arts, working with sharp objects, hand ball, etc.

    I think maybe you'd be better off seeking and building a reputation that merits this venture first.
  19. Everyone seems to be taking this rather seriously. I know it is actually possible to get your hands insured, but i just thought he was making a joke
  20. In today's world given some of the asinine things people say, do, and expect in life because of their ego, I never take this sort of thing as a "joke" but more as an ego imbalance and not dealing with reality very well.

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