How many do you possess?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Riffleactionpalm, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Not many. 6. RRTCM, Bobo's, Now You See It Now You Don't, How To Develop a Super Power Memory and Mysertious Stranger. I'm also reading Blink, great book. I would have many more, but unfortunately, I'm broke so I can't buy much of anything.
  2. I've got four books,
    Bobo's, Expert at the Card table, and Dusheck's Coin and Card magic.
    Don't really need any more at the moment.
    Look at it this way. I have less DVD's, and learned most of my stuff from reverse engineering.
  3. Very nice stuff here guys; keep it up!

    I may post a short segment on video of what my books are.

    I am expecting some more in the mail.

    Looks like I jumped up to 90.. hehe..

    God I love reading!

    H&R ftw!!!!!
  4. I see you're not cured of your Elmsley addiction yet :p ....
  5. Blink really is a good book, almost finished with it...I think I'm out of books after I do finish it...time to go to the bookstore again.

    I probably read on a 4:1 ratio of non-magic books to magic books. Of the non magic probably a 1:1 fiction to non-fiction. I like reading, just wish I had more time to do it.

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