How safe is downloading e-Books overseas?

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  1. I want to get Burn by Daniel Madison but I am worried that my credit card number might get stolen online. So basically, how safe is ordering from d+M's site from America?
  2. It's the same as ordering from any online source. Your CC number can be stolen when ordering from the store down the street, or from a store across the world.

    But you're safe, don't worry.
  3. Dude, if you really don't trust something, you can buy a Visa or American Express Giftcard. They work the same as a regular credit card, but you can only buy it with $25, $50 or $100. And there is a $3.95 activation fee. They are available at most grocery stores, gas stations, and anywhere you buy giftcards.


    Hey, let me know if this helps or not. And by the way, how are you friends with Owen.Christian?
  4. He added me as his friend.
  5. You can buy a Visa keycard. You basically put the money that you want on the card. Daniel uses eJunkie to download his PDFs and they are a trusted site.

  6. Aside from e-junkie also being secure, if you have a paypal account you can rest assured your money, and cc number, is safe.


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