How to mark cards?

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Are those useful ?

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  1. Hello, i found an interesting video about marked cards .

    Do you guys think that i can mark my own cards with this stamping machine on this video ?

    I have some tricks ideas based on those cards. Maybe here i can find some people who can give me precious informations about these things :)

  2. You do realize these require special glasses/lenses to see the marks, right?

    Unless you can come up with a reason you need to wear a pair of sunglasses to do the trick, I don't see this being useful in magic.

    It's much more practical to use a set of speed readers.
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  3. I know about the glasses or the contact lenses . I have contact lenses for those cards.
  4. You can buy marked decks from penguin for $5 each. Might be worth saving your time
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  5. I agree. Or just use a sharpie and use the clock system with regular old bicycle cards. Can even create your own system if you want.

    If you want something quick and easy, id just buy a marked deck.
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  6. Those cards are NOT readable with contact lenses or red-colored glasses. Those types of marks are called "luminous." Luminous work has been around since the 1920s (at least). What's shown in that video is IR (infra-red) ink. It can only be seen with a camera capable of seeing into the IR range and then only if a special filter has been placed over the lens to block out all of the non-IR light. It's not a cheap or easy setup and is fairly impractical for magical uses.

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