Hypnosis and Dollywood

Well I just got back from dolly wood, and long long story short, I was doing ZAP (I did it to like 30 people in 3 hours lol)
And well some security guard went and taddled on me, and I got in trouble etc.
(My mom was deafening me even though she wasnt there)
And I did the hypnotic stare in the guard guys eyes. and said "Can I hypnotize you to show you i am legit?" And he yelled no. And I said "Thats ok, all you have to do is listen to my voice.. just relax.. AHAH just kidding, that would be immature!" And he said
"you probably cant hypnotize me anyways. And I said :Yeah your probably right, I am sure theres alot of things YOU CANT DO, and hypnosis is just another one :D " lol, and one guy said, theres signs posted every were. And i said :Whats the sign say jeff? I dint see a sign, tell me what the sign said" And he wouldn't look me in the eyes and he keep trying to figure out what it said. and he said "Well" And I quickly said "Well well well well what does the sign say jeff? There are no signs are there jeff" lol
So I said "heres my layers number call him and ask for jeffree. And I gave him jefree stars number lmfao.
And I told the guys in the magic shop, and they said it was retarded, but I am getting a job there, at the dollywood magic shop this fall when I start going to college. And Ill also have a table hoping job at the Tony Rommas restaurant :D
(Sorry so sloppy I am so tirered)
I think I did act a little imature about it. I was just mad, because thats all I like to do when i go there with family, is street magic. This one lady was quiting smoking, and she was having a craving so I helped her with that. I made it to were when ever she had a craving she touches her two pointer finger together and an electric shock flows through her body, and she just forgets about the craving. So thats rad.
(I have a few videos on my phone. Ill try and upload them soon!
Sep 1, 2007
Why do you dislike Zap, Steerpike?

To keep it short, I think it's a cheap attempt to cash in on the surge of Derren Brown's popularity while ignoring everything that makes Derren great. It's a cheap knock-off of real hypnosis that convinces unqualified teenagers they now have Jedi mind powers. To put it another way, it's just another bull**** shortcut.
Steerpike is right about ZAP, I have other books and DVDs on hypnosis, and I have studied it and NLP and social psychology for a while now. And ZAP is in my own opinion a knock-off, although I did learn some things from it.
I was just doing ZAP because I like the induction..
Nov 23, 2007
I still stand by my old posts on this. I'm waiting for the thread were someone tells the story on how they were performing this and did it to the wrong person and got thrashed.

Not saying I hope it happens, just that I keep picturing some punk doing this to impress some chick just as her Harley dude boyfriend in the assless chaps rounds the bend.
Sep 1, 2007
It'll happen eventually, we just may not hear about it as whoever ends up getting pounded probably isn't going to want it to become public knowledge.

In the meantime, let's hope everyone else can get over their stereotype that reading is gay and actually pick up a book or two on stage hypnosis. Because let's face it, asking Jay Noblezada for advice on hypnotism and making your word reality? Why not just ask for advice on gun safety from Tupac Shakur?
Hon talks about how you always be profesional.
And you always ASK and introduce yourself before hand..
I dont think anyways will get punched in they act profesional. Seriously. But I know there are probably some teens who got this thinking they can just randomly do it to people..
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