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  1. Hey there theory 11 forum,

    I have not posted here in a very long time, and if i am posting this in the wrong thread just let me know and i will post somewhere else. I have recently become very interested in Hypnosis and hypnosis with magic type of deal( sort of like what Derren Brown does) but also more of the actual hypnosis itself. If anyone knows any really good sources where i could buy instructional dvd's , books etc. that are really solid, that would be great:D
  2. "The Manchurian Approach". Just the thing that you need :)
  3. I noticed that he had courses that were live and im in canada so i cant do any of that but i was wondering if the dvds and books are worth getting ?
  4. I am recommending it because of the dvd, I so far havent been able to get people into trance, since my lenguage it's differently and I have to adapt a lot of words, but on the other hand, I have learned a lot of hypnosis and little tricks and suggestions that I can use during performance
  5. Hypnosis should not be a language issue
  6. Try Proffesional Opportunist by James Brown (just look on youtube, what this guy does!). But if you want to get into hipnosis, you will need to find some mentor to guide you. I wouldn't try to learn this on my own.
  7. The Manchurian Approach or Reality Is Plastic is all you need apart from the confidence to go out and do it. Have to say, I can't recall James Brown talking you through any inductions in The Professional Opportunist. He does go through little things like getting someone's hands to stick together, but that's using waking hypnosis which is not the same. It may be what you're looking for if you just want to add some touches to your card magic, however.
  8. Actually, it is.

    A lot of words have different meanings, and for example using Antony Jaquin induction method, there are certain words that if translated just the way they are, they will not make sense for the spectator (thing that has happened to me), I know that hypnosis is something practiced by a lot of people of my lenguage. My point being, there are some key elements in the induction sequence that witotuh the right words, or gestures, will not work.
  9. I understand where you are coming from, in the Jacquin induction method he talks about building, more so than the language used. Yes it is important but the most important part is the other factors that people do not seem to understand. Whom learn from Ant (especially from Manchurian Approach) seem too focused on the script rather than the reasoning behind it. That is the reason that Ant included aspects of Reality is Plastic on the DVD's. I highly suggest watching the Pacing and Leading section again and refer to the RIP notes on the same subject.
  10. nyeah. all you need for hypnosis is to understand the framework for inductions. everything else is pretty much self taught. experience is key.

    just out of curiosity, how many hypnotists on here are state/non-state?
  11. I'm beginning into hypnotism, I have not performed anything yet but I am still learning things.

    Right now I'm going through "The Trilby Connection" by Anthony and then I will go through "The Manchurian Approach" by Anthony.

    There is a lot of material to cover :D. The Trilby Connection is great so far!
  12. Trilby is far and away better than the Manchurian approach
  13. They are both great in their own right.

    Trilby is done in Training - 1 on 1 style. He talks to a total beginner and takes her out to test her stuff!

    Manchu is more done in an interview style

    Here is a quote from Anthony

    "(The Manchu) is aimed at magicians - using hypnotic phenomena for magical effect, the other (Trilby) is our non magic approach to street hypnotism"

    If you are going to buy one, get Trilby. You'll have an easier time learning, it is expensive. But worth it.
  14. The only thing that makes Manchurian Approach better that Trilby is Disk 3. However if you want to learn hypnosis go for trilby.
  15. No mention of The Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis by Ormond McGill? For shame.
  16. You'll actually end up being off if you spent the money and took the classes in person.

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