I’m going into hiding after this

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  1. Happy Monday! You know what that means.
    I WANNA START A FIGHT 70791F76-E862-45DC-B806-5199F3EDC24D.jpeg
  2. You're probably correct.
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  3. God has spoken
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  4. What if you're Erdnase.
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  5. [​IMG]
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  6. “No I am Erdnase”
    -Daniel Madison
  7. I like Erdnase, I like the lore regarding his identity.

    I think a more interesting person is Karl Fulves. I want to see an interview with that guy!
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  8. "No, I am better than Erdnase."
    -Daniel Madison
  9. “No, I am Erdnase than better."
    -Daniel Madison
  10. "No, I am, um ... wait ... no, hold on, I do -- no, that was something different ... oh, whatever."
    -Oscar Wilde
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  11. Idea for WGN: Make up any quote and attribute it to Madison! :D
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  12. "Knowledge will forever govern ignorance." - James Madison
  13. Try this
  14. “...and while you’re grabbing the deck in your right hand with the biddle grip...”
    -Renè Lavand-
    (That was evil)

    “Why did you take your time to read this?”

    “Why to read The expert at the card table when you can just do a gambler’s cop?”
    -Daniel Madison-
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  15. "Those are the men who will dance at your wedding." - Guy Madison


    "But why do a gambler's cop, when you can just reveal a trick? For free? On YouTube?"
    -Daniel Madison

    Anyway, back to the topic:
    "No, I am the senate!"
    -Daniel Madison
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