I Am Anonymous // What do we know?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hijackedmagic, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. In this thread, let's list the facts of what we know. (Facts of the person.)

    He has tatooes on his arms. (I believe, from his artist pic.)
    He has black hair.
    He likes balloons?

    Post what you know!
  2. I think that he is a magician.......;)
  3. don't be rediculous!!!

    He can't be a magician on a magician site!!! That's just pure crazy!!! :eek:

    He's obviously a McDonalds logo. I mean, duh! Yellow balloon with smiley face!!!! =]
  4. I know that all three of the above can be faked by visiting nearly any party supply store, especially during the month of October.
  5. We know that he likes ringing, I guess.
    He was born in America.
    He's been on TV.
    He doesn't wear a Mask, only a balloon for now lol.
  6. david blaine!
  7. ... This man has hair, or blaine bought a wig lol.
  8. Gosh!!!!:eek: My world is going to fall apart !!! I was so sureeeeee about it!
  9. ummm, Who is G. Vox
  10. Rodney Reyes from bunny boy?

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  11. Hahahahahahaha:d
  12. what do you do if you think you know who he is?
  13. post his name right here
  14. [what do you do if you think you know who he is?]

    hunt him down...
  15. ADAM GRACE!!!... Or maybe not. haha
  16. i think its Dan sperry
    i mean he has the ball and chain(he just got married)
    he has tattoos
    cause if you look at the artist page he is not one
    just my guess
  17. Well I say this if this person is talking about ringing, it is obviously the telemarketers trying to sell us cheap tricks at outrageous prices, I mean who wants to pay 100 bucks for a fake nose, come on!
  18. You know what, for all we know it could be me... :D Here, just for you guys at T11, i've taken away the balloon :eek:. Have a look.

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  19. Holy sh!t that made me piss myself...

  20. maybe its me? haha... (pisss: this is a big hint!)

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