I am moos.

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by moos, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Hi guys....

    I am a beginner flourisher from sweden, lives in norway...... Been in to magic and flourishing for less then a year.

    I thought i post a couple of my videos as a first post......

    Webcam quality..... so beware:D

    First up is a short video, played around with my videoeditor.

    Second is a small onehanded combo i been doing. You just want to mute the sound for this one..... sorry.

    Third, My hourglass display from two different angles.

    Last.... My variation of the Zozochange as i use it in my AC routine.

    Please, take your time and comment the videos, grade them and if you like what you see or think that i might just come up with something cool in the future, feel free to subscribe.

  2. welcome Moos on the t11 forum.

    Hope you will enjoy this community.

    PS the change you called zozo change is called ZOSO CHANGE

  3. Thanks man....

    Ohh sorry... spelled it wrong.... lets call my variation ZOZO then :D
  4. Welcome to the forums:)

    Where in Norway do you live?
  5. Oslo, grünerlökka.
  6. Copasetic man, I live in Oslo too.

    We might see each other sometime in the bus or something - I'll be the guy wearing yellow tinted glasses.

  7. Welcome to the forums! Looks like your videos and your skill is going decent. Slow will adds to smoothness.
  8. moos = awesome
  9. Thanks guys:D

    @GusEds... i´ll be the guy practising fans on teh bus..... so see ya there.

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