i need a deck of card PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by zakozaza1987, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. I had one bicycle deck but that is old and it turn black from white. I need any deck to do street magic at school and also street . I also need a deck for my new video, it will be out on April or May. Beside that i am a young magician, i don't have money to buy a deck.I finish my money to buy a deck that cost 10aus. i appreciate who ever want to give me a deck
  2. Yer, Decks over here in Australia cost a butload,

    By the way, Welcome! Enjoy the forums and all they have to bring.

  3. yea i am from australia too. I swear there no "Magician", flourishes is different. But there not many magician around sydney. Anyways deck in aus are a rip
  4. That's why I usually buy from Ebay.
  5. Start doing coin magic.
  6. there is magician in australia and his name is "petey and jay jay"
  7. It's good to know there are lots of other Australian's Hanging around on T11.
    Where abouts do you live ?

  8. melbourne. i been doing on melbourne city but i dont have anybody to help me to do video shooting
  9. Queen's slipper cards FTW!!
  10. Cool. I'm moving to Melbourne this week actually. If your ever heading to the CBD hit me up with a PM and I'll bring you a deck.


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