I opened v4's and they didnt look right

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  1. I recently opened a deck of my V'4 and noticed something wrong. I know this isnt a big deal but the pips on my cards just seem messed up, they have little white perfectly round dots. I've noticed this mostly on the clubs and spades. So i was wondering if anyone else had the same problems.

    Here are some pictures to show yal what i mean





    Those are some of the pictures I have taken, I was just wondering whats up and if anyone else has these on theirs.

    Thanks, Autumn
  2. I personally have not had this problem. You should email support@dananddave.com and they will probably replace them!

    Simon Alexander
  3. weird.... Manufacturing defects probably...
  4. My current open deck of V4s has some of those same circles, but I'm really not all that worried about it. I doubt many specs at all will notice them.
  5. yea i bought them here when they first came out, I just waited so long to open them. I counted and about 20 of the cards have those dots. Only someone who looks into detail would notice them though
  6. The Smoke & Mirrors v4 were one of the few (one of the only) decks ever printed on the casino press at USPCC involving metallic inks. The casino press is called a web press, and for multiple reasons, it's very difficult to print metallic inks on a web press. Most companies resort to printing on the alternate press (the sheet fed press) for that reason.

    The alternate press has no issues printing metallics, but we have found the quality of web press cards to be noticeably superior and far more durable at this time. This opinion is shared not only by myself, but also Chris Kenner, Jason England, and Bill Kalush. I discussed this at length with Bill this past week. For that reason, we have not compromised and we have never used the alternate press since early 2007.

    The Smoke & Mirrors v4 used metallic inks on the front AND back of the cards, so it was a very challenging production run for the casino press. For those that remember, we scrapped (literally threw away) several thousand decks as they did not meet our quality standards.

    The deck you sent pictures of seems to have been a casualty of that process, but the imperfections visible in the picture appear very minor.
  7. Thats true, The only reason why I noticed is because I pay attention to detail and little things that are off upset me. Thanks everyone for helping me with my question
  8. I thought they were recycled?
  9. Yep - fun fact for those ecologically inclined: the paper utilized in production of the v4 cards was produced from sustainable forests, water soluble components, and are 100% recyclable. When you're done using them, don't throw them away - recycle!
  10. Same for the v5s, right? They'll be recyclable too?

    And what's to stop them from recycling in your card box if you leave them sealed for 50 years?

    ^I know that's a stupid question, but I just had to ask.
  11. I am looking at the pictures but I cant see whats wrong with them. I feel like such a card-newb.

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