I recently came into some money. Suggestions on card tricks?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by conjure_pitch, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. I have about 150 bucks, I need a blank deck, a few decks of blue masters, distortion (if its still available at 930 tomorrow morning) DD and stigmata.

    Any other suggestions.
  2. With the info you've given about I can't really tell what kind of magic you're into but if you don't have it yet, I would recommend my favorite trick right now, which is Paperclipped by Jay Sankey, if you're into a more romantic or valentines day trick I would go for Rose from Card which is also a good trick for that season. If you don't like those two then I would have to say an Invisible Deck.
  3. I have an invisible deck. Im mostly into impromptu card effects. Recently started trying out gimmicks. Unfortunately unless the distortion prerelease can stay in stock until later tonight, I wont be able to get it. The guy who was supposed let me use his CC unexpectedly bailed (which made me furious because i really want this effect.) So I have to wait for someone else later on tonight.
  4. My opinion is to try not to focus on buying so many tricks, but instead to go on youtube or something and get ideas from other people, and make up your own tricks. several of my reputation making tricks are made up by my friend and i. Now of course none are them are insane like distortion or somethin of the sort. But you can make it seem like that to the audience with lots of build up. For example one of my tricks is just a double lift and i show the card has changed, but i build up for maybe a minute then reveal the card and i get wonderful reactions.

    hope i helped a bit
  5. I'm suprised nobody mentioned this. Get any of the Art of Astonishment books by Paul Harris. Each book is roughly around 40 dollars or so but worth it without a doubt. Those books are just plain awesome.

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