I would like to know what the sub rosa is??

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ParkerL, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. I've seen some stuff on it but I want to get a further understanding of what it truly is can anyone help
  2. It's a gimmicked deck that allows you to find a card or set of cards easily. Other decks like a Stripper deck or a Svengali deck can find a selected card easily as well but they are so common that even many non magicians know their secret. In the case of the Sub Rosa deck you can find the selected cards just as easily as one of these decks but it uses a method that is not known by many and that is devious enough to fool some of the most well versed card men in the world.
  3. Hey Parker! It's actually not a gimmicked deck. Sub Rosa empowers you to create single cards that you can easily locate anywhere in the deck - after it's been completely shuffled, by a spectator. You can make these cards with tools you have at home. The cool part like Josh pointed out, is that very few magicians in the world will be able to spot anything (let alone unsuspecting spectators). Use it as a tool to supplement your magic routines, or standalone as a demonstration of skill. You can make just ONE card, a group, or multiple groups "Sub Rosa" cards and effectively be able to access them at any time. Extremely versatile and powerful.
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