IBM Cardistry Collab

Oct 8, 2007

Filmed at my IBM ring meeting.
I have the cupid backs and the blue bikes. My friend has the tallys.
his channel:

I had a blast making this. That's what really matters. Hope you enjoy! Music by the Headset.
If you don't get the Jordan Lapping's Mom thing, see this.
P.S. That wasn't my voice in the vid. That was my friend's.

P.P.S. 300 posts son!
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Dec 10, 2007
Hey man!

I love the song choice for a collab!
The camera work was good enough -I mean, better than a non-moving camera.
Move's needed work, but that's not the big thing in a collab.
The main thing was, you met with others in the community, and had fun.
Good job!

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