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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by scarecrow1, Nov 23, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I'm sure some of you already do this, but too often have I seen people doing the muscle pass a certain way.
    I was experimenting with the muscle pass the other day (I'm always practicing it, decided to give my hand a break today though) and I accidentally caught the coin with my fingertips. Believe me when I say it adds another dimension to the Coin Falling Up trick. It looks more controled, more like the coin reverses the action of falling down (which is what it's supposed to look like). So often I see magicians grabbing the coin as it goes into the receiving hand. When done like that, it looks like you're grabbing an uncontroled coin shooting into the air. Just a tip to help the Coin Falling Up trick. It is harder to catch the coin, but nothing practice won't take care of.
    Who else does this? What are your experiences with it?

  2. Yeah, another tip to actually achieve that goal would be top aim for your palm. So when you muscle pass it, aim for the palm of your receiving hand to make it easier to catch without moving your hand.

    I've actually never seen anyone grab at the coin. I always thought that it was common sense not to move your receiving hand. Well if people really do that, then i agree with you. Try to avoid moving your catching hand when doing the coin falls up.

    Also, it's VERY hard to actually catch it at the fingertips consistently. So what i suggest is that you can mimic the action when you drop it. So hold the coin in your palm, and open your hand to drop it. That way, when you do the muscle pass, it will look similar.

    As a side note, i dont think that this much thought is needed for the Coin that Falls Up. I use the muscle pass countless time when i do coin magic, but rarely do I use it for the Coin That Falls Up. Sometimes i will use it as an opener, but i dont pass it off as a miracle. However, all the other tricks (Coin thru anything, Visual Appearing Coin, Coin Portal, Coin from Sky, etc.) are FAR more impressive than the coin that falls up.

    Just my 2 cents.
  3. haha, i did coin fall up like 20 times today cause i was bored. Anyways, catching it with the finger tips is a nice touch and yeah it works well when i do it but it really is only applicable to CFU like Magicshadow said, for the more various uses where it is a hidden action you want to aim for the palm or finger palm so it is the most concealed
  4. That's what I meant:) Only for the CFU effect:)
  5. Hello,

    Getting the muscle pass to actually move high enough was hard enough, now I have to catch it with my fingertips! I tried with an "open fingers" technique, where I sort of let the coin rise to my palm, and let it drop a little to my fingers. Since the spectators can see the coin through the slots between my fingers, I consider it good enough.

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