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  1. I know I've been asking a lot of questions lately but here's another one. Which impromptu pk trick is more practical: Energy Bill or Shudder? I've read good reviews on shudder but none on Energy Bill. Dollar bills are more common than cans but they are both readily available. Energy bill seems to be angle proof so better angles than the impromptu version of shudder. Although, shudders gimmicked version is able o be surrounded I believe but I don't really intend to use a gimmick unless it is really simple and easy to clean up/ carry. So which one would you recommend for an impromptu pk effect?
  2. I have shudder and it is a really power effect.
    The impromptu version has some angles but the gimmick has no angle.

    After the gimmicked version you are clean and the can can be examined.

    Both version are really good explained and very amazing.

    I do not heard anything about energy bill but take shudder: with a dee's effect you CAN'T go wrong.

  3. I also own Shudder by Dee Christopher and it is a winner for me.

    An effect so simple, so ingenious yet plays big with huge reactions.

  4. I would go for Shudder as well.
  5. Thanks for the kind words guys, Shudder is a pet effect of mine that does get some phenomenal reactions.

    The great thing about Gerard's effect is that you can carry a banknote in your pocket everywhere, with Shudder, you need to have a soda can or similar.

    Saying that, Shudder has a much more powerful demonstration of the PK, Energy Bill is more subtle.

    They're both effects that have had a fantastic response, so you won't go wrong with either!

    You can find SHUDDER as a DVD or instant download from


  6. Have a look at the Joe blow effect on the 3rd volume of Daniel garcia's project. Thats another impromtu gem

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