Invisible review request.

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  1. Hey Fellow magicians,
    I have now read a couple of reviews for Invisible by Damien Savina on here and other placeses.
    But I can't decide.
    So I were wondering if there were some people that have workeded it in the real world that could give there opinion or a review.

    Thanks alot.

    -Lukas Lunoe :)
  2. I too am interested as I love IT and I own the tarantula, I really want this but just need to save up!
  3. I've used it in performances for both random outdoor performances and at parties.

    It's a very workable system. The reel is fairly standard, but the way he hooks it up allows for a lot of flexibility.

    The thread it uses is not the strongest option. It was chosen to be harder to see, so it's thinner than say, Kevlar.

    The tricks taught on the DVD are good. I'll never use the coin bit, but I like it. The haunted deck variations are nice in that they allow you not to have to use your hands so much. There's also a great reveal where the card actually pops out of the deck. The ring levitation is what gets everyone going, though. It's lovely. Sometimes I just sit around levitating a ring and moving it around in the air.

    I think it's a solid product and I recommend it to anyone who works with thread or wants to. Just be aware that there is a learning curve if you're not already familiar with thread as the very thing that makes it useful to us (being very thin and hard to see) also makes it very fragile.

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