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    Visual card to box
    by V.

    EFFECT:: A card is selected and signed (optional) and placed back into the deck. The cards can also be shuffled by the spectator. Suddenly, the box on the table makes a sudden jump and the signed selection is shown to have appeared in the box.
    Two versions are taught; a regular and a signed version. The versions are slightly different in handling and each have their own pros and cons.

    QUALITY/TEACHING:: Just like Pinned, the effect is contained in an Ebook and is very easy to follow. Sections are organized well and there are many notes, tips, and suggestions contained inside. The effect is taught very well.

    METHOD:: This is a really fun idea. It enhances the card to box plot by making it more visual. When I was first playing around with the idea, I had some trouble getting everything to work alright. It is a little awkward to handle at first. However, with some practice it is fairly easy to get used to and work with. In my opinion, it is worth the small amount of extra work because it makes the card to box effect so much more powerful.
    It is also worthy to note that this effect relies partly on misdirection to be successful. Luckily, this has been thought out by V. and logical suggestions are included in the Ebook.

    NEEDED ITEMS:: Besides a regular deck of cards, only one small gimmick is required. After some searching, I was able to find one in my house that worked perfectly for the effect. Most people know what the gimmick is and may already have one. If you don't own the gimmick, it's easy to find one for super cheap at almost any store.
    The non-signed version requires one more thing that everyone of you will have no trouble finding.

    SET-UP:: The non-signed version requires some minor prep work that must be done before it is performed. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the signed version required less set up than the non-signed version.

    CLEAN UP:: Clean up of the gimmick is actually very easy to do. The Ebook covers multiple approaches as to how to do this. You do not end completely clean even after the gimmick had been cleaned up in the non-signed version. However, I've found this isn't really a problem at all in regular performance (hard to explain if you don't know the method).

    RESET:: Reset is very easy in both versions. No worries here.

    ANGLES:: The angles are pretty lenient on this. Generally, spectators need to be in front of you but there aren't any other huge restrictions.

    PRACTICALITY:: The signed version is much more practical than the other version taught. The gimmick is extremely easy to carry around with you and use when ever necessary. I've used both versions (on real people) but see myself using the signed version much more frequently.

    OVERALL:: I love the idea behind this. The gimmick is practical, easy to carry and makes for a more startling card to box presentation. The fact that the spectators see and hear the card travel into the box makes much more sense than a more generic card to box.

    I was happy that two different handling's were included. However, I will only be using one of them. Both have advantages (what you can show and when) but the signed version won me over in the end.

    Another thing I like about Isolated is that you are not limited to the given routine. I have already incorporated the Isolated idea into an existing routine and the handling is even more justified. While this effect stands great on it's own, I recommend using this within other effects.
    Overall, it is a fantastic idea and a lot of fun to play with.


    Isolated is currently only available through V. himself. If you would like to be considered to receive a copy, please message him.
    Stay tuned for Raw: Torn and Restored Card

    All questions and comments are welcome.
  2. Thanks for the kind words and I am glad you have been enjoying the effect.

    The signed version is my personal favorite as well. ;)
  3. i could of sworn that kevin parker has a effect JUST like this.
  4. is it anything like cryil takayama's effect???
  5. Hey,

    Yes, after doing some research, I found that my effect was very similar to Kevin Parker's and Eric Ross's effect.

    I do not own KP's effect, nor do I know the method, but just by appearance, I have concluded that they may be the same method.

    So I decided to discontinue the effect.

  6. hi

    where i can buy this trick???
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    Isolated is only available through me. If you would like to be considered to receive a copy, please message me.

  8. hi

    I need a copy THX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. It sounds like you really need to research your work.
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    Why I have.

    I recently had a conversation with KP yesterday and he has given me permission to release the effect.


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