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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ~Ryan Fox~, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. I might be crazy for doing this but I have thought long and hard about this so here we go.

    I have decided to hold a contest on my youtube channel in spite of curiousity. I have always been intrigued about holding my own contest within the magic community and today is where it starts.

    I have decided once I reach 1000 subscribers on my channel i will lay out the rules of the contest which i have made another video for once i meet the quota. The winner will recieve a blue deck of Jerry Nugget Playing cards. If you want a red deck....your S.O.L because i only have blue.

    Why am i doing this? I have always wanted to hold a contest but for someone to participate the prize must be somewhat valuable. Thus, making this my decision.

    With nothing to lose feel free to participate. Anyone and everyone is eligible.

    Good Luck and Stay tuned...

    ~Ryan Fox~
  2. because you want more suscribers?

    Just do the contest, in my opinion it looks kind of lame and desperate to get suscribers that way.
  3. Well I will definitely participate but it will take a while to get 1000 subscribers, but we will see. I hope you get 1000 haha
  4. Well think of it this way giving a deck thats worth so much away then all who participates has a chance to win (especially the winner). But then what do i win nothing. By proposing this its a win win situation.

    Also in ensures that there will be enough interested participates on my part that can follow all the updates of the contest. The updates will be very crucial and i want to ensure those who are interested recieve them.


    Oh well

    ~Ryan Fox~
  5. I shot high but it does not take much to log on and click a button i might change it depending on what happens.
  6. I'd be surprised if you passed 100 subscribers.
  7. Me too im just throwing this out for the magic community i could just keep the deck and still be all the happier.

    Just thought this would interest the many card collectors out there.

    ~Ryan Fox~
  8. Understtood sir.
  9. See you all back here in 2020 then...
  10. You currently have 65+ subscribers...I really can't see you reaching 1000 anytime soon, or at all, to be honest. This is an obvious attempt to get subscribers without actually having to put the deck up for grabs. :rolleyes:

    Choose a number like 250, MAYBE 300, and I'd be somewhat interested. As it stands, I don't appreciate this type of spam. :rolleyes:
  11. Damn people! Why so harsh? Ploy to get more subscribers or not he's just trying to do something nice.
  12. :p :cool:
    1000 is big number man :)

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  13. I agree with cm

    You should definitely lower the number of subscribers needed. It's going to take you a very long time, but hope it works out for you.
  14. You guys may think Ryan is crazy and guess what... I think he is out of his mind for doing this :eek:. He has 5 decks wrapped and sealed and gave me one about 2 months ago. I am forever in debt to him haha. Anyways he has been talking to me about the contest for a while now but I say its totally crazy!


    Justin Way

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