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  1. Hey Guys,

    Recently, I learned the Mnemonica Stack and have been performing effects with it all the time. It has really taken my Magic to the next level. I was wondering how many magicians have learned the stack and perform with it? Also if you have any routines or tricks that you like performing with the stack.

    Thank You
  2. I have the book but it is collecting dust...got caught up with college studies...all the best with the book
  3. I hope you don't turn into one of those guys who is afraid to let people to shuffle your cards. ;)
  4. i have a question , is it like the Aronson stack when you know the card you know is number in the deck ?
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  5. Yes Daniel, It is the same as the Aronson stack where you match up a card to a number in the deck. Both stacks have there advantages.
  6. Haha, well i usually have at least two decks in the stack. So.... : D
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  7. thanks, i read that the mnemonica is easier than aronson ?
  8. Could you be more specific?
  9. you really need time for the aronson , i read with the mnemonica could be learn within a few hours (2 , 3)
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    No, that`s not true in my opinion. Any stack that looks like a genuine shuffled deck is as easy/hard to learn than any other.
    You just need to learn the stack to such an extent that you can name a card by its number and vice versa instantely without thinking about it (Sequential learning alone isn`t sufficient). There`s no secret behind it.
    Juan shows some methods how to learn stacks easier (you can learn it in 3-4 hours, but it`s not guaranteed that it works for you).
    These methods can be applied to any possible stack, no matter which.

    I recommend http://www.stackview.com/ . It`s free and a nice tool for testing your learned stacks.
  11. I love that book. But I am having trouble learning the stack. I also thought I needed more sleights before a stack would even help. Such as a full deck false shuffle. So I am learning the Zarrow shuffle and just playing with my simple sleight routines.
  12. Mnemonica is great (mem decks in general actually). The book is a great starting place and gives you a lifetime's worth of material, but it does certainly cater to a lot of table work.

    To really utilize a mem deck, you really need to start thinking even further outside the box. For example, imagine the possibilities when you do a trick with someone who also knows the same stack?

    How is your estimation/count work?

    Can you count in large blocks while seemingly to just randomly spread through the deck? Can you cull quickly?

    Possibilities are endless.
  13. Any card magician, regardless of knowing a stack or not, should learn estimation/count work/culling/eye counting.
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    mnemonica and aronson are both mem decks

    Aronson is more random then the mnem

    Edited: Mnemonica you can set up (read Jason England post at the bottom)
    Aronson needs to be set up (please correct on this one)

    Using the aronson after a trick can set you up for the next trick where as the mnemonica you will have to reset.

    Both has their advantage and disadvantage so it up to you to chose which to use.

    I have Aronson first impression book and the Juan tamariz book. Endless amount of knowledge at your disposal.

    Due to life I do not have much time to practice =(
  15. Incorrect: You do not set up Mnemonica stack with 8 perfect farro shuffles.
  16. After 8 perfect farro shuffles, you actually end up with the deck in the same order you started. There is a way to get into Si Stebbens from new deck order using farro shuffles (as well as other techniques).
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  17. Lessons for Tamariz vol 2 has a great effect for the memorized deck.
    and if i'm right,Michael Vincent has a routine using the mem deck in his work(i forgot its name)
    you can search in the forum first to find before u ask about it.
  18. There is still some mis-information in this thread.

    Neither the Aronson stack or Mnemonica are "more random" than the other. Both have features that a lengthy, close examination by a knowledgeable person could uncover.

    What's more important though is that they both look completely random to a casual observer, even one given a few minutes to study them.

    Mnemonica can be reached from U.S. new deck order (A-KH, A-KC, K-AD, K-AS) using several long runs and 5 faro shuffles (1 is a partial deck faro). It was designed to be reached from Spanish new deck order, which simplifies and shortens the process significantly. There doesn't appear to be any easy way to reach Aronson stack from new deck order.

    The Aronson deck was designed from the ground up and includes many built-in effects (Poker deals, bridge deals, etc). Mnemonica was primarily built using a process to get into it (the faro shuffles, etc), and then most of its effects have been discovered after the fact by Tamariz and his students.

    Both are powerful tools and while you may prefer one or more of the "built-in" effects in the Aronson deck, their strengths as "open index" decks (where you know the exact position of every card) are identical.

    I first learned the Aronson stack in 1996. I used it for almost 10 years before switching to Tamariz. The only reason I switched is because I was proofreading for Stephen Minch and wanted to know the stack as I was proofing the book.

    I never used any of the Aronson built-in effects, so losing those wasn't a problem for me. But...being able to get into my stack from NDO was wonderful. I use brand new decks quite often, and this feature alone was worth switching to Tamariz for me. If you're the type to use the same deck for days or weeks on end, that's probably not a selling point for you. It was for me in a big way.

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