Just Getting Into Flourishing...

Apr 26, 2009
Sydney, Straya
Hey Guys,

I just had a quick question.

I am just getting into flourishing (been into cards for a solid 2 months)

I have the Dan and Dave trilogy, as well as Daniel Madison's Dangerous DVD - but am finding the flourishes hard to get to grips with - even watching them over, and over and over.

I just purchased the Royal Road to card magic, (haven't received it yet) as I know some great stuff is in there, but just wondered if that alone is a good starting point. I have also been looking at:


Just wondered your thoughts,

Many thanks,

May 25, 2009
Start off with Flourishes 101 on the everythingelse disc. There are some basic classic flourishes there that is good to have in the arsenal.

And keep practising. Whenever I have nothing to do, like I'm waiting for the bus or on a particularly long train ride, I break out my pasteboards and start doing some basic flourishes. Just make sure you don't drop them though.

If you've managed to get most of the flourishes in the Trilogy down, I suggest getting The System.
May 8, 2008
Start off with Flourishes 101 on the everythingelse disc. There are some basic classic flourishes there that is good to have in the arsenal.

Yeah start out with this and then head on to DM's motion. After flourishes 101 (especially try out 'Sybil', the basic grip will be important) Symphony, Guardian, Drop sybil, Akira and Eko will be good. They're all on Motion or the Trilogy.

But I seriously engourage you not to buy any more flourishing DVD's. You've got plenty of stuff already. There is a lot of great flourishing tutorials on youtube and Decknique.
I recommend trying out Kevin Ho's KFC and his sybil 947. Also Alan Hagen's rotation cut.

These cuts got me started, they're not to hard feel and look good and hopefully will get you use to using the cards in this way.

If you want any help or just to talk flourishing or whatever shoot me a PM :)
May 25, 2009
I did the same thing, started out with the trilogy. I practice all of it. I watch it all constantly and practice as much as I can. Even though some of the tricks are beyond me I take half the trick and practice that. For instance I have noticed that a LOT of tricks require double lifts. so I practice double lifts ALL the time. Even if I am too tired or busying doing something that I can't flourish like reading, you can still do a double lift. You can only do things you actually try to do though so don't forget that. Even if something is hard keep doing it and eventually you will get it.

Casey Rudd

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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
If I were you aaron, I would first look at Flourishes 101 section on the Trilogy like the person said above. Then, once you have that down, if you want visual learning techniques, get The System by Dan and Dave either at their own site dananddave.com or penguin magic. Then head onto some books if you like. then the Trilogy. then Dangerous. I don't know, I'm not a flourisher, but that's how I would start off if I were into it, cause I've been thinking about getting the System for my birthday to start learning flourishes. Hope this helps and sorry it's so long!
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