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  1. hey guys
    I just started doing cardistry and I just need tips from pros who been doing cardistry for a few years now
    I would appreciate it
    and thank in advance
  2. You'll have to narrow it down. Are you looking for learning resources? Exercises? Where to go to find audiences? People can't give you advice if you don't tell them what you're looking for and what you're hoping to accomplish.
  3. Sums things up pretty well. What are you interested in learning? The basics? Specific moves? Performance tips? There are no completely general tips for cardistry besides practice so you'll have to elaborate if you want further assistance.
  4. If you are wanting to learn basic moves, buy Genesis V1 by Andre Jihk in the tricks section on theory11. If you want to learn really nice flourishes but for free, visit the wire section and go to the free flourishes section. but if you just want to get good, the only advice i can give you is practice practice practice
  5. I'll break a few things down:

    Want a solid foundation in all of the basic moves? Look up and purchase "Xtreme Beginnerz" Vol. 1 by De'vo. "Cardistry 101" and "Genesis V1" by Andrei Jikh are alternatives. From there, check out "The Trilogy" by Dan and Dave, "Cradle to Grave" by De'vo, "The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes" by Jerry Cestkowski, etc.

    Need tips on specific moves? Send me a PM, I can help you via Skype.

    Looking for hand exercises? Check out Greg Irwin at http://www.handhealth.com/

    If you have any other questions, post them up here! There are plenty of people who are prepared to lend their advice. :)

  6. thank you
    I bought genises 1 and started learning some cool moves
    my favorite cardist now would be Michael james
    and are those finger exercises helpful?
    thanks in advance
  7. hey
    what is the difference between resources and exercises?
  8. By resources I mean learning resources. By exercises I mean stretches and routines for keeping your hands in shape.
  9. i want both but i wanna focus mostly on resources
    i got sold while watching Michael james and i want to be like him one day
  10. One source that almost no one recommends is Jeff McBride's Art of Card Manipulation DVD trilogy. That's the old school stuff. Also, the Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes has a lot of the old material you don't see enough of these days. Too many people want to do nothing but fancy two-handed cuts long after the point where they stop being interesting.

    There's also the Xtreme Beginners DVD set from De'vo. There's a chance that in saying that, someone's going to try to contradict me, but screw 'em. The manipulation community is really political. Ever hear of the Metallica/Megadeth feud? It's like that, only more obnoxious. Not as bad as it used to be, but still something to watch out for.
  11. I really can't say it enough: everyone who takes the art of manipulation seriously needs both of these products. They teach such a fantastic breadth and foundation in the art that they cannot be overlooked.

    As for the hand exercises - yes, they help. It's good to learn them. I don't do them much anymore, but they are useful for keeping your hands flexible and nimble.


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