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Should the late videos be in the Contest?

  1. Let them in

  2. Screw them

  1. A couple groups like Luka, Brendan, Spencer, and FunwithAces made videos for the CCC but couldnt get them up in time. I think if your a day late it shouldn't matter. What do you think? Should they be allowed in the contest?

    I can't seem to find FunwithAces video. It was on youtube yesterday. Luka, Brendan and Spencers vid
  2. Even though its a shame that they got in late it shouldnt be done.
    If your late,your late. No exceptions.
    Just wouldnt be fair for people who actually got them in on time. There was a crap load of time to plan,shoot and edit.
  3. screw them:p they're too good to enter xD
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    No, no late entries should be accepted, no exceptions. #1, not fair to the people who worked extra hard to get them in on time. #2, not fair to the people who have to weed through all the crap, view all the submissions, and judge accordingly. It's hard enough to rank the people who got them in on time, much less people who got them in late. #3, slippery slope,"well you let so and so submit theirs late! why not me? I'm only 2 days late". #4 Why should some people get extra time to make theirs super polished and shiny, while others who got their submission in on-time had to get theirs super polished and shiny within the alloted time? Rules are rules for a reason.

    This is not the Matrix, no rules may be bent, others may not be broken. This is not Burger King, you may not have it your way.
  5. I'd love to have seen them in the contest, as there entry was great to watch. However rules are rules, no exceptions.
  6. The link to Luka's video doesnt work:(
  7. Just saw it today, great moves, you don't see too many videos with such a heavy focus on the moves, and I'm happy to see something so refreshing. The moves were insanium in the cranium... 5/5 starz from me doggs. It's a shame they couldn't get it in on time....that's what she said.

    Unfortunately rules are rules and the team is already having a difficult time deciding between three contending videos. :cool:

    -Andrei Jikh
  8. It would be disrespectful to the other teams to let in late entries. We worked hard to meet the deadline. To have teams put in their video after the due date would just suck for the rest of us.

    Their video was sweet though!

  9. Loved the Video you directed by the way.
  10. Even though I liked luka's vid I don't think they should be allowed in. Rules are rules.
  11. FWA made a video? i heard from Ryoma that it wasn't allowed b/c they have four members now. I dunno who the mysterious 4th is though i thought it was just him and the deliquent duo (shoe and nebel)
  12. It's Dimitri.

    And I think it's pretty hilarious when the people from other teams are trying to be respectful while saying that they don't want a video that slaughters the rest to enter. Your not gonna win anyways, guys.
  13. It's the principles. The rules were set out WELL in advance. Their own fault for missing the deadline.

  14. Let me guess...
    1) Victorious Secret
    2) Wecallitshockeffect
    3) AllYourDecksBelongToUs
  15. Speaking for the FWA team:
    After we finished with the editing, we got screwed by youtube (vid got muted) and vimeo (too long till it started converting) and after that I had problems submitting the video (I guess it got rejected because of the stupid 3 people rule).

    We knew the rules but we didn't really care. We're not asking to be left back in. The moves/material from our CCC entry will be used in upcoming solo videos instead.

    Regarding the other teams, we would really love to see them in the contest. Who cares if the videos were submitted a few hours too late? Does that make the videos better/worse? No. Let them back in. The most creative and most skilled team should win, not the team which is the best at following rules.
  16. Didn't all the teams have like 2-3 weeks to film, edit, and submit. Ialso remember that the CCC media submission page opened 3 days before the CCC vids started. Imo all these late stories sound like the story of "the boy who didn't turn in his project because he saved it for the last day". If you guys had problems filming/editing then that's your problem not theory11. As for submitting well, you could have just asked bayme or raiker to fix your submitting problem. It worked for tam:D.

    @Nebel- I lol'd after you said you didn't get accepted because you broke the 3 member rule. Your fault for being rebellious. I know you don't care that your vid got accepted but it's still funny:p.

    Also luka's vid got accepted and I'm pretty sure that that was the only vid people wanted to see:eek:

  17. So how does a guy like me get to see this video then. Fack the solo videos, fack youtube muting (you know you can reverse that with the right comment right?) and fack theory11. I want to see your guys new moves.
  18. It's not just about who is the best at following rules or who is the most creative. It's about who was able to put together the most creative video within the allotted time. If you let people submit their videos late, how would it be fair that they got all that extra time to make their video more polished, while those who did get their submissions in on time had to make theirs as polished as they could by the deadline? The people who put theirs in late would have the advantage because that would mean they had all that extra time to work on it.

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