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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by RalphB2, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. What are good books or videos to learn how to use and do tricks for IT (invisible thread)?
  2. Well I use Loops so I would suggest Guerilla Guide to Loops from Ellusionist
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  3. The basics of using Loops can be learned in Animation - which teaches the routines I perform most often using them. For more advanced IT work, you'll want to check out Tarantula!
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  4. The Calen Morelli At The Table lecture has a couple great routines with loops, and it's really cheap since you get a lot of other stuff too.
  5. This is funny because the day before you responded I bought animation. I love it you can do so much! Thank you!
  6. What else do it teach other than what's in the trailer? I was interested in this when it came out, but when I watched the trailer, it looks like the same things taught in the video you get when you buy Loops... I already do what I see in the trailer, so I didn't feel I would get anything more than Loops from it.

    Am I missing something?
  7. The stuff in the trailer are the only effects they teach. So if you already know the effects animation is just a good price for 2 packs of loops.
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  8. There used to be a DVD called "Who's afraid of Invisible Thread" I think it was released by Jon LeClair. It was pretty decent. I've been trying to find more for reel work. I've had the original Spider Pen since it came out and have never used it except for a floating bill that I used to demo at the magic shop I managed over a decade ago......Man, I'm really old. lol

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