Let's create our own custom cards

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  1. Why don't we, as the Theory 11 community create our own custom cards?

    They will be SUPER rare, seeing as only 10,000 decks or so will be produced (whatever the minimum is from the USPCC)

    We can each pitch in a portion of the cash needed to create them, and have something that's completely unique.

    What do you say?
  2. People have pondered creating custom decks for well... forever. I know at Dan and Dave they have a thread like this that is huge. The only half decent design I have seen was actually quite decent and inspire by Wynns which I actually like mostly for their simplicty rather than thier design: http://www.dananddave.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4119 I quite like it.
  3. I designed those :)
  4. I want some :p How much is a 10,000 deck order anyway? I might get them printed all for me, moohahahahaha :p
  5. I like the idea, but I'm a little iffy, because these kinds of things usually go nowhere..... But it's worth a shot..
  6. if we sell them here, that would be pretty cool
  7. 10,000 decks are too much for being produced 1000 would be muh better but first we will have to summit designs.

    Take care


  8. hey guys...

    i have been in contact with the people over at kardwell. I have been working on my own design and they have a minimum of 25 decks. We can handle that. They print on gemaco stock. Once we have picked out our design i can talk to them and handle the order if you want...
  9. Hot Much Money Is For Print A Deck?(or More)
  10. Well...i think the 10,000 Deck figure from USPCC is their minimum. I got an email a long time ago from them, and from what I remember, it's something like $2 - $3 per deck or so, depending on which options you want, and if you want custom art ..... the more custom you go (customizing the faces as well) will bring the cost up.

    How much is it at Kardwell for the minimum 25 decks?

    P.S. that design is pretty damn sweet.

    I was thinking more along the lines of having the THeory11 logo on the backs, kind of like the promo card that comes in the Guardians deck.
  11. The uspcc (usplayingcard.com) has a minimum run of 10,000 decks however I remember reading somewhere that they will sometimes run 5,000 under special circumstances. Also, I remember reading somewhere that a single deck costs between 1.50-2.50 (or 3.00, not sure which one of those) depending on stock, finish, and whether or not you want a genuine bicycle or tally-ho seal (because if you want the seal you need to have the decks inspected).

  12. here are some figures from kardwell...

    for the custom 1 color imprinted playing cards,
    minimum 25 decks
    $3.59 a deck
    BRIDGE size only

    we really dont want them...

    for the for 2 color CASINO quality cards,
    250 deck minimum
    poker size
    still waiting on the price...

    and its really hard to get the USPCC to go below 10k decks, you have to know someone on the inside in order to get anything like that...good luck!

    the second style is what we would want

  13. I find that gemaco cards are fantastic to flourish with....for me.
  14. Lets start summiting some ideas!
    Take care


  15. custom cards

    I have had this site all to myself for much time. I SUPPOSE i can share it with my fellow magicians.


    Here there is NO MINIMUM for custom decks. That way, you can create a deck that is so incredibly rare that there are only a brick in the entire world.

    Feel free to worship me.

    Carry on.
  16. I think we should make around 250 or something like that and members who are participationg and submitting designs all get one. That would be really cool.

  17. Whos gonna pay for the cards?
  18. we will divide it up upon those who want them...
  19. here is one that i made....i dont think you guys will like it...it is a personal design with my intials...

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  20. Since i dont have any picture editing sofware's i can give some ideas.We should have a card with ''11'' in it, but hidden in the card.

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