Let's See Your Setup!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mehar, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Hey guys!

    I just wanted to see what everyone's setup looks like! By setup I mean your practice area/library etc. I'll probably post mine tomorrow!

    Lookin' forward too it!

  2. haha my dorm room? there is stuff everywhere. unfortunately my library and dvd's are currently in a footlocker. but its a full foot locker
  3. daaymnn.. Take pics and post it when you can!
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    Sorry for the bad quality this is taken on my phone

    The books on there:
    Jim Pace's Restaurant Handbook
    Restaurant Magic Reader Jimi Sisti
    Above the fold
    One Degree

    Slim Craig Petty
    Keymaster Craig Petty
    The Step System Vol 1 and 2
    Professional Opportunist Vol 1 and 2
    Extreme Burn 2.0
    Fiber Optics
    Sin City Luke Dancy
    Four Quarters
    A lot of others

    My decks are behind the DVDs. Have my Annihilation Deck setup, double backers deck, twilight angels, double facers, quite a few Blue/Red bikes.

    I'm not into wasting my time and money into special custom decks anymore.
    This is all the stuff I'm studying right now. Had my first gig today :D
  5. I´ll try to post mine later...right now I am too tired to order my room...
  6. That's a sweet setup blindside! Nice to see you had your first gig today! Where was it? What kinda magic did you do?
  7. agghhh!! Post it up soon! I ain't the waiter type!! :p
  8. Well, my dorm's to messy, but that's alright, since it's not my main practice area anymore. I currently work at Magic Etc., the last brick and mortar shop in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. (come give me a visit if you live in the area)


  9. It's a bit messy atm so I won't take a photo, but basically, I've got an L shaped desk, and the smaller section is my magic section. I've got a deck of cards sitting there, along with maybe 100 index cards & coin envelopes on the side, and the Victorian close-up pad in the centre.
  10. It was at a diner at a retirement place. I did simple stuff and it went over very very well. Everyone loved me :D

    I did

    Crazy Man's Handcuffs
    ACR (3 phases)
    Chicago Opener
    Dr. Daley's
    and for the Finale I did a Russian Roulette
    Here is a photo of yesterday
  11. I'll cleanup/post a picture later (At work atm) but I basically have a bookshelf with books, a trunk holding most of my magic stuff and then grab what I want/need and go to my dining room table to practice/study. I also read and fiddle in my recliner without a table a lot.

    My desk was left at my parents when I moved out until I have more space where I live.
  12. Nice stuff you guys!! LOL Robert! I'm lovin' the....chips??
  13. Haha, thanks. Are you talking about the balloons on the floor?
  14. Those are Qualatex sculpting balloons. Always a hit. Always.

    I also couldn't help but notice the Doc Eason videos. Great stuff.
  15. I love my Doc Eason videos! A true master at what he does :)
  16. The GPS, Card Control and EATCT....you're set for years Robert, lol.
  17. Haha, more like set for life!
  18. Is that in a closet Robert? Like all the balloons on the floor =P
  19. Haha, yes! That is my magic closet, and I always have to have 39082345098 balloons because I do them in almost every gig I get.

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