Liam Walsh & Dynamo?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tomstian, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. this are some great magicians and great flourisher. dynamo I think is one of the greatest performer i have seen very big fan.

    but every time I see them performe the haunted deck I wonder what they use, if it is loops, taratula or what it can be.

    Anyone that know what they use?

    here is a link if you dont have seen there version of the haunted deck from 3:03
  2. Great post mate,

    Looks to be some ET, not sure what set up it could be.

    You could basically do it with any of the above reasons though mate, but I would suggest looking into a few set ups of ET, Justin Miller has a couple of great releases.
  3. Why did you mention Liam Walsh?

    It is some kind of system but does it matter which one he uses?
    Just make up your own or buy one. Although this guy is one of the most utopical guys out there.

  4. yes it matter I like this one and its not many haunted deck I like exept for this one
  5. ok why I mention liam walsh because he does the same trick.
  6. Walshy uses loops for his, not sure about dynamo (Y)


  7. loops loops loops, very clever hook up though!
  8. That was a tight Show Real. Hes really doing some great things with himself.

  9. Dynamo uses loops, I know this for a fact as he showed me his hook up at a convention in 2008.

    He doesn't do it in the way people usual do it though. His ends clean and you actually get the effect of the card leaping out of the deck. You can even do it in a spectators hands.

    You can find an explanation of it on his DVD sold by International Magic.


    PS. oh yeah, and last year he showed me the back design for a special 'Dynamo Deck' he is working on. Was pretty awesome, how's that for an inside scoop!

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