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Lissema Display - Tutorial

Jan 13, 2008
Is this your material to be teaching or are you trying to teach someone elses' creative property?

Either way I'm fairly sure tutorial videos and links are not allowed on this website.
There have been a few allowed in the past, when it's their own material. :)

With that said, I have no idea if this is that person's own creation. And if it is, I'd probably say this belongs in the cardistry/flourishing forum, given the content.
I don't see why this should be a problem at all. He's not teaching the werm, the actual teaching takes place with the finial display of the werm. So you could only do this if you knew how to do the werm in the first place. If the finial display is of his own creation, then I can't see a problem.

About the display itself, i'm not really all that crazy about it. Looks like Lethal X with a stiffy, but I always try and find use for everything, so thank you because somewhere down the road, I might look back on the motions you used to get into this and it might spark something creative for myself. (Hell, it's happened before.)
May 18, 2008
I kinda like that tutorial. The move itself is fine, and like BAWI said, I might come to it for inspiration!

Thanks for sharing!
May 3, 2008
things i look for when wanting to learn a display flourish
1.) orginality
2.) the packet positionings
3.) if its a werm with a chin extension and/or an extra packet between the pinky and pointer, i'll kick something

its nice you want to share your work with everyone. but try for originality before posting another tutorial. a new concept perhaps.
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