Looking for a Specific Control

Sep 2, 2009
For me, the best control would be a multiple Tamariz Perpendicular Control : you square the four aces in the deck, spread it to show that they are lost, close and you're ready to go !
Jun 1, 2009
Joshua Jay has a Bluff Pass bundle where he teaches a multiple shift of four cards and it looks like you're just pushing them into the deck. He also teaches a bluff pass to the bottom as well as on the table. Great buy, I highly recommend it.

Jun 29, 2010
I'd go for the multiple diagonal palm shift from Erdnase. Quite difficult, but fits the bill perfectly. Cards are pushed into different locations and as, they're apparently squared in, they're controlled to the bottom, or even to the top with a bit of adaptation.


I wanted to say it but he did it before me. Very well explained though.

Ps: Where do you live exactly in France ? And are you an FFAP's member ?
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