Looking for half a Kennedy Half Dollar?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by ayli, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. My friend showed me an interesting coin gaff recently. Basically it's a Kennedy half that was cut in two in a straight line and you get one of the halves. It comes with public transit and Rev. Coin Magic 2.0 (by Sankey) as a free extra trick called "half a coin trick".

    Anybody know where I can find this gaff on it's own?
  2. Nope, but I'd have to call you an idiot if you went a paid $30 for it or something. Just cut one yourself, wire cutters (tin snips) work fine.

  3. Look up Jamie Schoolcraft or Todd Lassen they're the pros when it comes to coin gaffs. You can probably call or e-mail them and explain what you want.


  4. If he does it with Todd or Jamie, it's VERY likely that the gaff will cost him over 30 with their shipping charges and what not.

    -Spencer Peterson
  5. Cut one in half. It's easer and cheaper than buying one. I don't know if wire cutters will do the job, but get a dremmel (spelling?) and you can easily cut it in half.

  6. If you're cutting coins in half,

    (a) Use cloth around the coin to avoid tool marks,


    (b) Fix any warping by flattening that sucker out in a press (again, with a cloth padding to avoid clamp marks).



    (c) If you're younger than 12, get help to do this!

  7. That is TOP NOTCH advice! I always advocate people creating their own gimmicks... its how you learn. And possible find something your good at and love.
  8. Top Notch, with no notches in the coins.

    I'm a geek.

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