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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by maczero, May 27, 2009.

  1. hello. i just purchased loops 2 days ago and they're pretty cool. I bought 5 pieces of loops and i already used 2. 1 broke and disappeared and kept the other one.

    but.... I have a little problem with the loops. The first 2 loops that i used, when i was performing, after how many tricks and effects practiced... it becomes stretched right? after how many effects performed again, it forms a small ball of tangled thread. did someone already experienced this? can someone help me fix the thread again?........ and it is very visible!

    sorry for my english.
  2. tangled pieces of cototn happens with everyone

    slide them together and try and pick it off

    but that is y you should make your own loops daily
  3. One of the main things you should do is stretch the loops before you use them in performance. You should be able to feel when the tension is just enough. As for the balls on the thread, try and bundle it all together and carefully cut only those pieces off. The best thing I find, is to make thread loops. As for visibility, certain light isn't best.. also use shaddows to your advantage.
  4. I've found that if I just stretch the loops before I perform, then the balled up bits go away.

    I suppose you could try and put the balled up bit underneath the thing your trying to move, depending what your using.

  5. Same here as Simon_Magic and Undialer.
    I use Loops ALOT in my performances (all close-up baby) and I have seen them do many strange things that weren't effects.
    Streching them before REALLY helps, I never knew this till I picked up the Gurellia Guide to Loops from E.
    Streching makes them last at least ten times longer and makes them five times more durable, so strech them!!!

    Mr.J out
  6. uhmm hello again. I just bought GG to loops and the yigal mesika & finn john DVD. it has a alot of informations.:D I have stretched my loops and it's still good so far. but i have one more help.( please forgive me). i think my loops are getting weak because i can't seem to move a fork or cut the deck with it. I can stretch the loops at least 9inches and i'm afraid to stretch it more. I can only float a ring or a bill. is it really getting weak?

    thanks for the replies. i mean really.

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