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Sep 1, 2007
My review for Lucid Dreams

Before I begin I'd like to say that I have no ties with the creator or anyone else involved... infact me and the creator, aswell as one of the reviewers, have had our share of differences.
This is my opinion based solely on the material.

Lucid Dreams:

A coin in bottle with a difference... a coin that visually melts through the side and visually is seen to drop from the point of penetration down into the bottle, and guess what... The coin is forever trapped inside.

This is just one of the scenarios possible with the knowledge within.

Get ready for Lucid Dreams.

Effcts/product- Lucid Dreams

Creator/performer- Café' member 'The Mac'

Format- Pdf manuscript

Price- 30 dollars (approx 16 pounds give or take)

Available- www.projectmaverick.co.za

The pdf manuscript:

I'd like to start by giving my thoughts on the actual pdf itself.
The manuscript consists of 31 pages in total, with a lot of pictures throughout and well written explanations.
The pdf is actually one of the most well designed manuscripts ive come across, with a very professional and slick presentation.

Manuscript overall-

A fantastically well put together manuscript that has a LOT of pics to help along with the great explanations.
Excellent job.

Effects/handlings and extras:

Dream 1:

A borrowed coin... a borrowed bottle... magic.

Basic handling

My thoughts-

Dream 1 in it's most basic form is a borrowed coin in a borrowed bottle.
The bottle is always in full view and can be full of water (or whatever drink is inside).

There is a gimmick involved but once it's made you'll be ready to perform whenever the opportunity arises, though there are some restrainsts as to the bottle you use, this is quite easily overcome.

The handling is clean and open, and everthing is routined so that you start clean and, though not immediately, end the same.

The method is very sneaky and clever, I have not come across anything like this and there are a lot of possibilities with the gimmick.
The gimmick itself will take a bit of work, but nothing that most won't be able to easily construct.
It's a great gimmick and it seems like a lot of thought and work went into it's creation, and though it seems simple, it's been fully thought through and worked on to make it a practical and workable method.

The coin is in full view right up until the moment it penetrates inside the bottle, and though is not the most visual of penetrations (see further down for that), it looks really good and is on the same level of visualness as the best impact penetration cib effects out there.

There is no need to let them examine the bottle before as it's THERE bottle.


Borrowed bottle
Label removed from bottle
Bottle can be full
Start clean
Routined so the clean-up happens at the right time
Bottle fully examinable after
Extremely quick reset
Coin always in full view
Gimmick is very easy to have with you
Unique and clever gimmick with lots of possibilities


Though easy to construct the gimmick will require something that not everyone might have
Not immediately clean
Coin can't be bigger than the mouth of the bottle (version gone over further down)
Not completely impromptu
You really need to pour the coin out before handing everything to them (don't worry the coin IS genuinely in there, and it's not 100% essential but helps)


Once the gimmick is made I don't feel this is difficult at all to perform. Most will have this down in no time at all... but practise to get everything down


Q- Is this impromptu?
A- No but once you have the gimmick it basically is

Q- You've mentioned a lot, but what about the angles?
A- The angles are pretty good, there are restrictions such as you wouldn't want people directly to the sides of you, below you (why would they be) or sitting on your head?!?!?!?!?!?!

Q- But I always seem to find myself in situations where people are sitting on my head, does this mean I won't be able to use this?
A- Hmmm... ok... erm... NEXT!!


This is a fully workable and practable cib that is visual, next to impromptu, well routined and uses borrowed items.
A great cib.

Alternate handlings for Dream 1:

Signed coin version

Same as the basic handling accept for you have a coin signed by the spec.

My opinion-

This is there for those who want the coin signed and it does the job well, with there actual signed coin being in the bottle.

Big coin in bottle

A version where the coin is too big to fit through the mouth of the bottle.
For this you'll need something extra (Later on you'll read about a version where this is possible without the need for anything extra)

My opinion-

More here for completeness I feel, and to be honest I don't think was really needed but hey, it's an extra handling for those who want to acieve this.
You will need something extra but I'm sure many performers have what is required already.

Big signed coin in bottle

Like the version above except the big coin is marked.
You'll need something extra for this.

My opinion-

Lol ok, this is for those who would like a big signed coin to be penetrated inside a bottle.
More for completeness and I don't feel was needed either but hey, can't complain about extra handlings and so it's here for those who would like it.
Will once again require something extra that I'm sure many of you have.

Slider Penetration

This is a different penetration for Dream 1 where instead of the flash penetration, you cause the coin to melt through the side... this is not done as an impact, but as the coin is slid on the bottle it penetrates inside and continues sliding down.

My opinion-

I really like this addition and the angles are really good.
This is a great handling of Dream 1 that offers a different looking penetration, and it is at about the same level of difficulty so no worries about that.

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Sep 1, 2007
Dream 2:

A coin... a bottle... one helluva penetration.


Dream 2 is one of the most visual penetrations ever... period.
If you've seen the demo vid and thought that it looked a bit awkward, trust me, this can be done very openly with practise.

The effect is a coin is laid on top of a bottle and is seen to be slowly pushed through. It is seen to penetrate at the actual spot the coin was laid and is seen to drop down into the bottle.

The method behind this is absolutely fantastic, it's just so unique and different and allows for such a visual penetration.
I don't try and work effects out, but any idea I had about how this may have been accomplished were shattered upon reading the method.
There is a gimmick involved... but I can gaurantee that basically everyone will have no problems what so ever in obtaining what is required.

Dream 2 does require a lot of practise and it's not easy, but it is definitely achievable and once you've got it down you'll have in your hands an absolutely astonishing effect (especially the Big coin version further down... now that's amazing).

You can't borrow a bottle for this one, and the bottle can't be fully examined before the effect (though it can be shaken by you and seen pretty fairly), neither do you end instantly clean... but the clean-up is built into the routining and after everything is fully examinable.
There is a slight chance that something may be noticed after the effect, but this has not happened to me and I really don't see this happening at all.
You do get taught ways of basically stopping this, but as ive said, there is next to no chance of this happening in my opinion.

You get taught both open and a more enclosed handling, open is the better one but the more enclosed one is easier.


Very visual penetration
No label on bottle
Such a clever and unique method
Quick set-up
Quick reset


Coin can fit through the mouth
Coin can't be signed
Not examinable before the effect
Not instantly clean
Small possibility that something may be noticed after the effect
Can't have the bottle completely full


This is something that will take practise, but then that's what it takes to have a penetration such as this.
Some will pick it up quickly such as I, while others will have to put in the time to get a feel for it.


Q- Angles angles angles... Ahhhh tell me the angles?
A- The angles are ok, not the best but then not bad either. I feel most comfortable with the specs infront of me, they don't need to be in single file or anything... infact they can be right up close and at about 160 degrees around you from the front so it's pretty decent, but from behind is a no no as are the sides.

Q- Hmmm... no more questions on this one.
A- ......................................

My opinion-

I love the penetration and the method behind how to achieve it, but as you can see there are some cons due to this... and for this version I would not be willing to give up whats needed to achieve this, but this is the basic handling... the real deal is to come.

Alternate handlings for Dream 2:

Big coin in bottle-

Yes... this... is... fantastic

The same as the basic Dream 2 with one HUGE exception... the coin is forever trapped within the confines of a plastic bottle

My opinion-

I love this handling, I feel that the few things you sacrafice to achieve this is more than worth it due to the visualness and utter impossibility of it all.
The set-up is slightly longer than basic Dream 2, but the pay off is massive.

Cap penetration-

No not a cap in bottle... a coin penetrates through the cap and into the bottle. The bottle is seemingly factory sealed.

My opinion-

A pretty decent handling and a nice extra to have.

Extras taught within the Dream 2 section:

How to get a big coin in bottle-

2 methods taught, one is more for coins that are only slightly larger than the mouth of the bottle while the other allows for bigger coins.
The second method takes about 10 mins or so give or take, and is def worth the small amount of time.

Sealing a bottle-

You get taught a couple of ways to re-seal a bottle with one of the ways having the seal never broken in the first place.

One method is very close to the method in Labelled... just thought I'd point that out.

Bonus effects:

Ring in bottle:

One borrowed bottle... one borrowed ring... one impossible moment.

A ring is borrowed and penetrated into a borrowed bottle.
This uses the gimmick from Dream 1 and another gimmick (which is fully explained) to achieve what I consider to be one of the strongest effects possible with a bottle penetration.


Borrowed bottle
Borrowed ring
As long as the gimmicks are on you it's next to impromptu
The other gimmick can be used for lots of other effects/routines


Don't end immediately clean
Like with Dream it's best to pour the item out in there hand, but also is not 100% neccessary

My opinion-

I love this and feel that it is a very powerful effect, the extra gimmick is clever and an improvement on something I was playing with and so I was very happy as it can be used for so much more.

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Sep 1, 2007
Key in bottle:

A sealed bottle... a borrowed key... an impossible location.

You borrow a key and vanish it... it appears in a seemingly factory sealed bottle of coke.
For this you also get taught a vanish, though it is very similar to Melt.


It really is there key


Not impromptu
Don't end instantly clean

My opinion-

Ok, this is the thing ive worked the least on and so that's why my comments are so brief. It is a pretty decent effect and, although ive only performed it at home, has got a pretty good response.
I myself am not too keen on the effect, but this has nothing to do with the workings etc, it's just not something I really see myself doing.
Overall it's pretty solid and is a bit different to the norm as this is a vanish and reappearance in an impossible location.

The following effect is only supplied with the first 100 copies of Lucid Dreams

Signed card in bottle:

A borrowed bottle... a signed selection... a moment of astonishment.

This is a signed card in bottle where the cards are flung at the bottle and te selection is seen to have penetrated inside.

This is done with a borrowed bottle.

There is a gimmick and it is fully explained, aswell as a little something extra if needed.

You start clean and although not immediately clean at the end, it's routined so that you are clean just moments after.

One thing I really like with this is the spectator involvement... it's great when they can be as involved in an effect as in this.


Borrowed bottle
Signed card
Great spectator involvement
Very open and clean handling


Not instantly clean... but close
Erm... little fairies don't come and whisk you and the card away on a magical adventure to the place that can't be named where balloons can talk, hobbits grow on trees and where Criss Angel doesn't use stooges... Ok that's a bit far fetched... but the balloons and hobbits were ok... right???

My opinion-

This is the best card in bottle ive come across so far... it's with a signed card, a borrowed bottle, and has great opportunities to interact with the specs.
The handling is clean and well thought through, and it's pretty easy to accomplish.
I love this... excellent.

Teaching complete overall:

The teaching is great, and even those who consider themselves to be visual learners only could pick tis up and ave no trouble in learning the effects.
There are a lot of helpful pics throughout, aswell as the explanations being thorough and clear.
Nothing is left out and infact Mac goes beyond what most would normally teach, with every gimmick, method and idea being fully explained.
Excellent job in this department.

Effects/handlings complete overall:

The amount that's crammed into the pdf is great, and it's not quantity over quality either.
Everything within is all fully workable and there are some really solid effects within that are more than worth the asking price.
Not only do you get a gimmick and method for a next to impromptu borrowed bottle and coin cib, but all it's variations, a completely different gimmick and handling for Dream 2, all of it's variations, 2 methods of getting a big coin in a bottle, a couple of methods for re-sealing a bottle to give the impression of it being factory sealed, a ring in bottle and it's gimmick, a key in bottle, and for the first 100... the best card in bottle I know.
That's a lot of material and it's all of a high caliber.

Complete overall Q&A

Q- Just to get this over with once and for all... Ive heard people saying that Dream 2's hand positionig looks awkward, infact you were one of the ones who originally said this (I think...).
Could you clear this up for me?
A- Honestly the handling is not awkward at all, it just takes practise. I have managed to get it very open... it's not easy but then look at what the reward is.
So I was wrong about this part and now know for myself how open this handling can truly be... very.

Q- So is it worth the asking price?
A- Ha ha are you kidding me... it's worth more than whats being asked

Q- Is this really all stuff for the real world?
A- Absolutely, some things are harder than others and will require more work etc... but it's all fully doable out in the trenches

Q- How do these compare with there competitors?
A- I believe these can co-exist with the other cib's as it's a different style of the same basic effect.
It's far superior to the majority though, and for me is up there alongside what I had considered to be the best... now there are two

Q- Im hungry... can I have some chips???

Complete overall:

I feel that Lucid Dreams contains some of the most unique an clever methods so far, and it was fresh to see some truly original thinking.
You get a LOT for your money and the ideas and info within are worth a lot more than what is being asked.
Mac also goes beyond what other creators have done by not only giving you the basic effects... but variations, multiple gimmicks, methods and everything else in full detail.
I was surprised by how much excellent material is within, and of the quality of the manuscript itself.
Fantastic... fully recommended
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Sep 1, 2007
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A request:
Could you possibly put all of the different Dream effects (Key in bottle, card in bottle, etc. etc.) in Bold or Italic font so that they're easier to find?
Sep 1, 2007
Here is an add on to my review, I thought i'd post it here aswell as the cafe':

Add-on to my full review:

The main review covered the actual methods, handlings and overall effects of the Lucid Dreams manuscript, now I am going to give some thoughts on how these went down in performance.

Consider this a part of my full review... I just needed some sleep before I covered this area lol.

Dream 1- various variations-

I showed this to my Ma along with next door before anyone else, and they were all together having an evening BBQ type thing, meaning this was a great time to perform Dream 1 as there were quite a few visitors also.
Now everyone there knows what I'm like and they actually expect me to show them something as I basically always do.
I didn't borrow a bottle off anyone there as there was no need.
I borrowed a 10p and proceeded to pop it into the bottle, this got a good response and so I performed the signed coin version (I don't worry about repeating effects for them as they are not trying to catch me out, they just enjoy seeing the stuff and tell me what they think from a laymens perspective), this went over very well and so I was happy with how it went.

Now out in the real world.

The first spec I performe for was actually someone at a counter in a shop, I brought a drink, opened it up and took a swig, got handed my change back and then went into performing the effect with 10p from my change.
The reaction was one of laughter, not the 'ha ha so what' or the 'ha ha yeah whatever', but the 'Ha ha ha ha ha ha... ha ha ha what... ha ha ha no way' type.

I got a range of responses from the various handlings of Dream 1, not all as strong as the one's ive mentioned, but all still good reactions.

Dream 2- various variations-

The very first person I performed this to was my Ma, she has seen a LOT of magic and really enjoys seeing this style of effect.
Now my Ma has seen Sinful (not bottle but still penetration), Prohibition, Impervious, Passing Thru, Behold the Scarabeus (various), Labelled (not coin), Aquatic (from 1337 notes), plus various other effects involving an object penetrating into another... but Dream 2 (big coin version) is, in her opinion, the best object in bottle I have ever shown her.
Now with everything she has seen from me, to say this is the best so far was good to hear.
I asked what made this stand out from the others, and here were the reasons given... her coin was taken straight from her and laid on the side of the bottle never leaving her sight, and then with a rub it was visually seen to go through and into the bottle. The bottle could be given away... no needing to cut it open or anything before allowing her to have a look etc. The coin was stuck inside, this was the first one ive done where the coin could stay stuck inside and the bottle could be kept.
Obviously my Ma said it in her own words though.
The actual reaction wasn't as strong as it would be for others as she's seen so much and knows what to expect... but this def took her by surprise and she was impressed to say the least.
Seriously the best response so far for a coin in bottle when it comes to my Ma.

Next I went over next door and performed it for everyone there...
Ha ha it was great, they were in fits of laughter and disbelief lol.
They leapt at the chance to look at the bottle, and when they then realised the coin was impossibly stuck inside... well it's against Café' rules to repeat what they said but you get the idea lol.
They actually wanted the bottle cut open to make sure the coin was normal as they know what I'm like... I let them cut it open and remove the coin and this sealed it for them, they loved it.

So far ive only said about how it went with people who know me and expect me to perform effects etc, so now I'll move on to people who don't know me.

About the third time I performed Dream 2 I got an amazing response, not swearing or shouting but amazing all the same.
It was for a group of about 4 girls, I couldn't believe how lucky I was as the bottle I had set was the same as a bottle one of them had next to there feet...
I walked up and done some little menalism thing (as a little opener as it broke the ice etc), I then simply just switched there bottle for mine lol.
I asked for some change, saw one had a 50p, asked if I could use this and laid it on the bottle (I was removing the label as they were looking for change).
It was great, they were all smiling and happy... I rubbed the coin... it melted into the bottle and dropped... there was a sudden gasp and then... silence, complete and utter silence.
I stood there for like 30 secs with them saying and doing nothing but staring wide eyed at the bottle, then at me, then back to the bottle.
I handed them the bottle and they didn't even notice the coin was too big or anything, the actual penetration obviously caught them totally off guard.
They then started twirling, tapping and prodding the bottle... it took about 3 mins for them to even begin to undo the cap.
When one of them did finally undo the cap, they went to pour the coin out... stuck... another gasp and the bottle hit the floor lol.
I then thanked them and left.
Now obviously you won't always get this type of response but these were really great specs who were up for enjoying some magic, and at the same time they were responsive to everyting I did and so when I hit them with Dream 2 they were completely pulled in and blown away.
I think this was one of my favourite reactions from a performance to date.

I have not recieved a poor response so far, even from this one spec who was a complete know it all. He would dismiss everything and give silly explanations as to wat I was doing... this soon shut him up.
At the moment of penetration he was pretty impressed, but still mouthing off things like 'trick coin', 'trick bottle', 'a hole in the bottle' blah blah blah.
He thought is was clever but he wasn't fooled lol... I handed him the bottle and as he slowly began to realise what had happened and that everything he was saying was not so, his expression changed from a smirk to a puzzled frown... then he uttered a few naughty words and guess what??? He was into magic also, though I can't really respect someone who would try and ruin someone elses performance, but he was totally stumped lol, and he said that was the best coin in bottle he'd ever seen.

Most of the time there is always a scream/gasp and then silence, especially when it comes to the ladies... men have also been silenced but it's in a more 'what the...'.

I am more than happy with the response achievable with this and have seen for myself how effective it is to a layperson aswell as fellow magician.

Sep 1, 2007
Ring in bottle-

I would consider this to be one of the strongest items in the manuscript, and one of the most effective penetration effects full stop.

I went straight ahead and performed this out and about, actually the very first time was in a local bar.
I got this girls attention by doing something with flash paper, this enabled me to go from there and do a lil' something to impress her and to get talking.
Once I had some rapport built up I done went into doing this effect.
I borrowed her ring and literally just popped it through an into the bottle, she actually had to spit her drink out lol.
The reaction was fantastic and she was amazed at what had just happened.
Foe the rest of the evening I could see her every so often taking her ring and tapping it against the bottle, as well as she couldn't stop giggling to herself about it lol.
It's hard to exactly explain her reaction as I can't really find the words, but it was fun to witness and I would consider it a fantastic response.

Ive actually performed the ring in bottle more than any of the others, I love the fact that a borrowed ring is penetrated inside a borrowed bottle. They see there ring right up until it's inside.
I have only performed this for girls/ladies as with them there is no shortage of rings to use lol.
Every single time ive done this the response has been amazing and I will be getting a lot of use out of this.

Key in bottle- Sorry but ive only performed this to myself so I can not guage the reactions this can get.

Signed card in bottle-

The second time I performed this for a group of specs was a pretty memorable reaction.
The moment there signed card was seen inside the bottle they went crazy, jumping around and shouting lol. It was like you see on tv with the people dancing around and really acting up (not faking, I mean in the way of being really hyper).

I actually performed this for a group of about 20 something people (which was pretty ifficult as they were all around me), this was one of the funnest performances as the feeling of pulling it off being surrounded like that (which for those who have it will know is not exactly ideal) was very exciting and because of how big the group was... when I hit em with the penetration they went crazy as they were all bouncing there reaction off of each other meaning it just grew and grew lol.

Overall reactions and my thoughts:

It is difficult to explain exactly how the specs reacted as everyone reacts different and it's hard to put into words.
I have mentioned a couple of the good reactions, but there were many different types from silence, stunned looks, gasps, laughs, to shouting, screaming, swearing, to just enjoyment and smiles.
All are great and so I consider them all to be nice reactions.

I purposely mentioned a couple of really great instances but ive honestly not had one bad response to these as of yet.

Remember though that I don't just randomly go and perform these without using other effects and building up a connection with those I'm performing for... this is why I can get these crazy reactions


Since writing this I have experienced a lot of various reactions from all sorts of people, one being a science proffessor (teacher/lecturer).
I done the Dream 2 with a big coin, and let him hold onto the bottle during the penetration... now the reaction wasn't one of screaming, shouting, swearing or any of that other crazy stuff... but for me it was just as great a reaction.
He just looked at it blankly lol, examining the bottle and trying to figure out what just happened.
He wouldn't accept it and actually got pretty frustrated lol... I saw him again a day later and he said he loved it and has the bottle on his desk :D

It seems that the more I play around with this the better it goes down.

ps- Need more room to write lol, I keep going over multiple pages ;)
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