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  1. what was the effect? Oh yeah, and go to the doctor and get some laxatives.
  2. Yeah its true...I talked to my step dad who is a doctor and he said you need some medical attention.
    Good Luck !
  3. I will say that this will be one that you will tell when you are 100!
    I'm certified and am wondering why a doctor would say just to let it pass. I really hope it does, but something that large will take a while. I am just amazed that you swallowed it and I bet your esophagus hurts and it probably but some pressure on your trachea... You got lucky it made it down through the LE sphincter and into the stomach without problems. Too many abdominal thrusts on victims that swallow quarters and skittles. :D

    Update us on how this ordeal works out. If you have any pains, it doesn't pass, or you are paranoid... just go back to the doc. :)

    All the best,
  4. Go to a prostitute and ask about the pain it will be while passing it ;) I hope you went to the doctor lol. And I don't mean to scare you or anything, but isn't the material used to make the American coins like copper and nickel, stuff that is poisonous? Drink a lot of WINE or BEER lol. The alcohol can kill some of the germs on it and the laxatives will help you pass it.
  5. swallowing a half dollar

    Day 3 and still nothing......i was talking to my buddy at work and he said not to worry. Awhile ago he accidentally swallowed a thumb tac. I bet that hurt alot more than a coin. I will keep you guys updated if you really wanna know...LOL!
  6. A thumb tac is deffinitely dangerous, but It cannot clog your entire digestive tract as a half dollar could.
    Don't listen to your buddies, the always seem to know everything (sarcasm). Just remember, pain is your body saying "something is wrong." If you feel any pain or don't see anything by a week from when you took down the coin, go into the doctor... immediatley!

    Keep me updated,
    All the best.
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    Whew! So many angles to play with this one... but I'll just go over some of my initial thoughts.

    1) Don't worry about passing the coin as the sphincter can be relaxed and stretched to enornous proportions when dealing with surgical procedures extracting large objects out of someone's anus (wine bottles and such). Yeah... I used to work at one of those places. The owner was personal friends with the surgeon that developed the procedure...

    2) Was it a coin? Hope it wasn't a gaff. I'd be concerned with metal poisoning. Sorry. I watch too much House. Hopefully you won't need a Lumbar Puncture....

    3) Impacted / Obstructed Bowel. @$$holes are King! If your body's ability to get rid of waste products, you'll then have toxicity issues.

    4) Massage therapists say that if you massage the ascending and decending whatever thing the right direction you can move waste thru the digestive tract faster... Don't recommend you do that as you might internally lacerate your intestines.

    I'm not helping that much, am I?

    I'm with everyone else... keep communicating with your doctor, drink lots of water (especially if you're taking laxatives), eat Cliff Bars (1 or 2 total should be fine) and keep us posted.

    Oh yeah! Go to a coin shop and get a half-dollar display case with the velvet lined insert. This story's classic enough to commemorate the occassion and keep the coin and stick it on the mantle every christmas as a conversation piece!!! I think you should also print out this thread to keep with the coin!

    Post pics! Maybe try to sell the story to G4TV's Attack of the Show, or the guy that does scam school or iTricks! Maybe those dudes who make up those David Blaine spoofs!
  8. I can't believe a thread where 'LE sphincter' popped up isn't closed yet
  9. COIN BITE IS A TRICK!!! research before you attempt.

    ok just kidding. i would say see an ER or a clinic a nurse can help you out and they are a lot cheaper than a doctor. should be fine though. it could be worse, you could work with Morgans or jumbo coins. As for metal poisoning that shouldn't be an issue as the amounts are too low and i dont think halves have any dangerous metal. Nickel's can be poisonous and cause blindness but only in large amounts. the best thing to do next time (hahaha i said next time, like this will happen again) would probably be to see a doctor immediately afterward and he will get you some ipecac which induces vomiting. although it might be safer to just let it pass. i just have two other things to say.... this is gonna be like a kidney stone down the wrong tube and..... have fun "checking" to see if your safe yet
  10. We have a bunch of 8x10s of the "Formals" of our wedding party sitting in a couple of bookshelves scattered about our house. Theyre not huge 12x16s like we have sitting above our fireplace of just the two of us, but they are out on display
  11. This sounds like a good idea for a Michael Ammar joke, but I just can't quite get it formed.
  12. long as it goes down....some docs will say that...nickel posioning is possible..but good thing its only a small percent of nickel in it...bust still check a never hurts...hope all goes well...

  13. Oh, so thats how you get the coin out.
  14. Last Page

    Nice pics

    I am always struggling at the perspectives of guns...but you did a pretty good job with the last one
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    What? :confused:

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