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  1. So i was performing a coin trick with a half dollar and while i was performing it someone came up behind me and scared me....well, i ended up swallowing the half dollar. My question is, has anyone else done this before? And, can that hurt my insides? I feel pretty dumb asking these questions and feel even dumber doing it, but its got me pretty freaked out right now. Any feedback?
  2. I have no medical background, but I really think your safest bet is to go to a hospital and ask a doctor about this. Tell the doctor exactly what happend, they've seen worse. Good luck!
  3. Hey man... Uhh, wow, I can't say I have experience with swallowing an entire coin before, why was it in your mouth?

    To be honest, I think the best thing to do, just to stay on the safe side, is to visit your doctor and explain what has happened... I don't wanna venture much of an opinion without medical experience... Hope things turn out ok :S
  4. so, you accidently swallowed a half dollar?
    Everything that comes in, comes out, right? ;)
    A half dollar, that's pretty big, so I think you will have pain when you o to the toilet.
    I don't know, ask your doctor about this problem, but I would say that the half dollar will come out at any point
  5. Ya, I feel pretty dumb. I was freakin out last night cuz i felt it slide all the way down my throat. It sucked! I was just glad it didn't get stuck. I asked my wife what i should do and she said good luck getting that out...she was crackin on me all night long.
  6. I think the real question here is whether or not you should dip your hands in excrement to retreive your half dollar.

    Just kidding. I second the hospital visit. Just hope your doctor isnt someone like Gregory House or that's it for you.

  7. yea just call your doctor.
    just to see. they might havta take it out. but oh well. they have seen worse.
    thats pretty funny tho lol
  8. like everyone else has said go to your doctor, but my friend has done something like that before. the object was slightly larger than a quarter and they ended up giving him laxatives. He said when it eventually came out...
    it didn't hurt too much but he said he definitely felt it come out ;)
    Good luck, but I believe it won't be too much of a problem.
  9. That's a rather large foreign body to swallow. I would suggest you call your doctor. If that is not possible, a trip to the ER might be in order, at least for an xray to determine the location of the half dollar. I have seen my fair share of swallowed foreign objects in my career (including batteries, hair, multiple razor blades in one patient, etc.). If it hasn't passed out of your stomach after a day, there's a pretty good chance it won't (relatively simple procedure to remove). Please don't hesitate to call your doctor.
  10. mate, you need to go to the hospital quick. My friend swallowed a coin too using a certain effect so he's told me of the consequences.

    Rush to the hospital.
  11. You swallowed a freakin' half dollar! Welp you'll eventually get it back sometime now....
  12. I would just visit a doctor... not a hospital! I've swallowed a bunch of nickels, and it didn't hurt me at all, we did go to the doctor and got advice!
    A Half-Dollar is a bit big, so Just check with the doctor...
    Why would you be asking us though, why wouldn't you just got to the doctor? Since none of us are Trained Doctors[Or at least most] It's kind of a stupid thing to ask!
  13. swallowing a coin

    Yeah, i know i should be asking a dr. I was just asking if anyone here has ever done that before. I just got done talking to the dr and he said it would pass in a couple days. I told him i was have some chest pains and he said because if the size of the coin it prolly stretched my esophugus (sorry cant spell). But he said i should be fine. I still feel like a dumb*** for doing it though.
  14. That's definitely an experience you won't soon forget. Best of luck to you in your future coin magic endeavors. Hopefully this crazy thing was a one time ordeal haha.
  15. ***Medical Answer...

    Wow, now that's a story.

    I work for a large medical practice. We have actually seen this before. Not to worry you are going to be fine. The coin will naturally pass through your digestive system. I do recommend you take some laxatives in order to help with the passing. It should not hurt, but it is going to be uncomfortable..

    However, it is always recommended to visit your local physician. I just wanted to ease your mind a little and let you know that you are going to be okay.

    Dude, if you happen to end up passing 2 quarters instead, I will bow down to you. That would be the ultimate effect.

    Good Luck,
  16. I think it helps to eat a lot of white bread.. I heard that in a movie once. It won't hurt as much I think.
  17. That's why I don't do coin magic :p Lol just kidding... I don't know what to do, never happened to me, but I find it quite funny :p
  18. Haha, brilliant. Imagine doing that one in the streets...

    *Watch, as I swallow the half-dollar...

    And, now, please could you hold out your hands?...*

    -Sam H
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    That's was a SICK kinda of acident

    hope u get better.

  20. LOL! U guys are crackin me up! I wish i would have gotten it on video. My wife said my face expression when it happened was priceless! Needless to say, i will not be performing that trick again......maybe

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