Made a video, feedback appreciated :)

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  1. First thoughts, and full disclosure, I'm not a videographer - these are just my opinions -

    The glowing keyboard and mouse that essentially serves as a backdrop to many of these shots is distracting. It diffuses what I think of as the "focus spot" - which should be on the cards. It would be good to remove those.

    The cards are a decently contrasting color to the rest of the background, so that's good.

    The music isn't the usual annoying (to me) stuff, so that's good - you could work it so the movements of the flourishes line up a bit better with points in the music, though. This is referred to as musicality.

    Don't repeat things so much. Or at least, if you're not repeating moves in this video, make sure the moves you do are more distinct from each other. Only flourishers understand the fine points in difference between some of these moves, so anyone who isn't a flourisher is going to miss that and feel the video is just repetitive. It's better to have a shorter video that is fun to watch the whole way through, than a video that fits a certain length but is boring to watch 2/3s the way through.

    The camera quality takes away from the skill on display a bit. Try working to move more slowly, so the camera picks up a better image.
  2. I will take a note of what you said
    Thank you for detailed feedback :)
  3. The thing I would like to add is this:.
    While the fuzzy, each line effect is good, it came up a lot. Maybe just put in a few less? Because it blocked some of the flourishes.
  4. Got it, I see what you mean
  5. Oh right. Yeah. Dial back the video effects a little bit.

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