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  1. So here's how it works take the title of a magic book and make a small blerb about what the plot is and give the type I. E . Mystery. Have fun
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  2. Royal road to card magic.
    An ageing magician is pulled out of retirement and put on her majestys secret service. When she is kidnapped by a group of rogue hypnosis. Spy thriller.
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  3. Expert Card Technique
    An expert magician is kidnapped and has to use a deck of cards to escape a room in which he is trapped. This would be a thriller, too ^^
  4. Card college: a documentary on a school of nothing but magicians, with the different types of magic being the subjects (cards, mentalism, coins, etc.) It becomes extremely successful and five movies are made
  5. Strong magic
    When Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to put down the dumbells and pick up a deck. ''Aaaaggggg it's not a slight''
  6. Life, Death and Other Card Tricks - A cross between a Kafka novel and Satre novel about someone who lives a life as a second rate card magician and while awaiting judgment in the afterlife is stuck indefinately in a room and forced to watch Grazzo do an ACR with an infinite number of phases. "L'enfer, c'est les cartes ambitieuse."
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  7. Totally Out of Control - A magician starts off with performing with an omni deck, then moves on to two card monte, then three-fly followed by a four ace production and then the Five Faces of Sybil. Soon he is out of control - a trick junkie. He buys one trick after the next, accumulates books of magic tricks, boxes of cards and gimmicked decks, every download available, subscribes to every lecture given. When will it stop? Can he be saved? If you are addicted to magic, this book isn't just for you, it is about you.
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  8. Mark wilson complete course in magic.
    A cook book
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  9. Encyclopedia of Card Tricks

    An Encyclopedia of Ca- ...

    You know I see where I went wrong
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  10. Dominatricks by Tyler Wilson.

    A book about female magicians who....dominate....male performing magic of course.
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  11. Cards as Weapons - Ricky Jay
    After acquiring massive gambling debt in an underground gambling ring, Ricky finds himself running from the thugs who want to collect. Almost by accident, Ricky meets an old gambler who has been hiding for 50 years from the same group. The old gambler takes Ricky as his apprentice and teaches him how to fight back with the very tool that led him down such a dark path.
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  12. Magic for Dummies - A ventriloquist takes up magic as a hobby and attempts to astonish and entertain his dummies with an endless array of bad card tricks. Night after night, the dummies heckle and boo him, but he continues on, undaunted, but fails to ever fool the dummies with a single trick. Finally, one night, fed up with the ventriloquist's pathetic attempts at magic, the dummies pelt him mercilessly with rotten tomatoes. His self-image shattered, he vows to the dummies that he will never do another trick for them again. Overjoyed at this news, the dummies throw a big celebration party with the ventriloquist's booze, but he is not invited. (A Psychological Thriller)


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