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  1. I saw his show at the Magic Castle last year and his card magic was excellent. I definitely will add that to my list. Thank you.
  2. Both those are on my list already as I have heard great things about both. I already know the Le Paul Spread as well as the Spread Pass so I have a bit of a head start at least. Don't know much about the Stars of Magic though. Thanks for the info!
  3. Stars of Magic is great, it has some gems like Dai Vernons classic Triumph routine and Triple Coincidence. But the magic is definetely old style magic, and there will probably be several routines you won't even perform. It is a great book and piece of history though.
  4. In that case, my strong recommendation is Card College. The five volume set is an amazing resource. No other book or set of books covers as much material.

    In the bargain section, in recommend the following:

    Hugard and Braue's Expert Card Technique
    Hugard's Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
    Scarne on Card Tricks
    The Magic of LePaul
    Menzler's Counts Cuts and Subtleties
    Buckley's Card Control

    In the more expensive catagory:

    Aaron Fisher's Paper Engine
    John Bannon's Dear Mr.Fantasy
    John Gustaferro's One Degree

    Specialty Books
    Juan Tamariz - Mnemonica (Memorized Deck)
    Kirk Charles - hidden in Plain Sight (Marked Deck)

    Sets of Periodicals
    The Jinx
  5. Someone has probably already said it and I know it is on the main list but I just bought Scripting Magic by Pete McCabe and love it. It definitely takes the average magician who just stands and does tricks to the next level. It is $40.00 but well worth the price and it is hard cover.
  6. I second John Guastaferro's One Degree. It is a fantastic book!
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    I agree with you. This book is excellent and I like his deep thinking. Couldn`t take it down. Gets my 'magic book of the year' vote.

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